John R. Graham

John R. Graham
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A financial analyst who researches the effects of laws and regulations - as well as commercial and economic fundamentals - on investments in the health sector, John R. Graham is Director of Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco, California. Other appointments include Senior Fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis, Adjunct Scholar of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, and member of the Board of Visitors of the Benjamin Rush Society of medical students and physicians.

Born in Canada, Graham previously served as Director of Health and Pharmaceutical Reasearch at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia, and commanded a platoon of infantrymen during his ...More
  • Description: Independent / boutique research firm analyst.
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Stocks - short
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Free American Health Care Research agenda includes: The effect of the 2010 federal health-reform law on returns to publicly listed firms in the health sector; Quality of health plans' earnings generated by different lines of business, e.g. commercial groups, Medicaid managed-care, and Medicare Advantage; Valuation of health plans' ...More
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