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  • Questcor acquires rights to synthetic ACTH [View news story]
    God, QTR! I just hope not to many more 90 year-olds have to die using the watered-down, fake versions of ACTH.
    Jun 23 10:52 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • LinkedIn facing privacy rights lawsuit [View news story]
    I would be grateful for perspective from someone, more technical than I, on how EXACTLY LinkedIn accomplishes this.

    As many as 10 years ago, when I had a MS Outlook client running on my PC, LinkedIn was apparently able - hacker-like - to access its address book over a modem or cable-internet connection, and mine the addresses.

    Even today, I received the 2nd reminder from someone I don't even know (via LinkedIn) to join up - so I know they are still doing this.

    I do get that (according to LinkedIn, anyway) those, who sign up, tacitly agree to this ransacking of their email-client or cloud-email address books. My question is not about the right or wrong, but the HOW. How do they get INTO the address-book? What legitimate reason could there be for the software manager of the address-books (eg. MS, Google, Yahoo, etc.) even to provide such a hideous API?
    Jun 13 12:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Who Should Own China's Land And Who Should Farm It Remain Central Questions For China And Large U.S. Multinationals Thriving There [View article]
    Peter: pleasure to read such a clear explanation of the economic implications of the basic interrelations of rural land property rights and technology, in modern China. You are clearly a 中国通 (=Zhōng​guó​tōng="old China hand").

    The one paragraph that left me curious was the penultimate (beginning "The price of fruits..."). For the reader to judge whether it is worth it for the average peasant to leave his land for a job sweeping that factory floor, wouldn't we need to know (1) how many 亩 (mǔ) the Communists allow each peasant (2) how long it takes (on average) for a mǔ to produce the (eg. weekly) "low" wage?

    I found (in my unscientific way) that there's an awful lot of Hunan people in Guangdong (adjoining industrial province), so it must (still) be economically very persuasive for them to up-sticks. Most of them cannot even speak Cantonese (and a Mississipi farmer gets closer to the Queen's English than a native Guangdong-er gets to speaking the national language).

    It must be a delicate balancing act for the Communist government. Herding people into cities makes them easier to control, but it also makes it easier for those same people to rebel effectively, if sufficiently provoked.
    May 22 03:14 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  •'s Growth Is From Standard Operating Procedures [View article]
    Doyle: please be fair. The author disclosed that this is Bottom Up investing. What would you expect from a Bottom in that position?
    May 14 11:16 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Looking For Value Among Biotechs After Precipitous Declines In Stock Price [View article]
    II: the 3 bullet points of the Summary outlined a fascinating agenda, but the examples were (almost) all of names that have fallen for good reason.

    The 2 stand-out names that fit the description of babies swirling in the drain with the bathwater are, of course: QCOR and ATRS. Let's check back on September 1, 2014: current prices are ~ 61 and 3.75 respectively.
    Mar 24 03:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Questcor Questions Pile Up Again [View article]
    I know you have a brain in there, QTR, I've read some of your other stuff. Why do you have this mental block about Questcor, Citron and Acthar?
    Perhaps I should leave it to others, better informed (eg. The Highwayman) to set you straight, but I just can't let this mind-numbingly-idiotic last post of yours pass! ["Speak for the FDA, good idea"]

    The FDA is charged with protecting the public health. If they had had even a smidgen of suspicion that there might be a problem with the current manufacturing process, or the product's effectiveness in relation to the standard laid down - don't you know they would have gone straight to the wholesaling pharmacies and shut the operation down, even impounding product? Do you really think they're in some lab, doing their own tests now, and getting ready to announce the withdrawal of all HP Acthar Gel until Questcor completes new double-blind tests of Acthar against Synthetic ACTH and RE034 and prednisone? ("Only a few more hundreds of public deaths, only a few more IS babies to take their placebo we're almost done...")?

    Citron has his little agenda - don't make a spectacle of yourself by being so publicly fooled.
    Mar 14 09:16 PM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thank You For Riding The MannKind Catalyst Train - Please Exit Safely At The Next Available Station [View article]
    VerticalView: are you a monotheist or a dualist? Therein lies the answer to your super-naive ramblings. Either you believe "God" inheres in whatever made (ALL OF!) us, or you do not. If you do not, then (for you) there is some other principle, besides "God", at work in the cosmos (the "Devil", or some such).

    Regarding the author (a self-proclaimed mystic), he sounds to be one of those who seeks to take on God-like responsibility. Which is fair enough, given his apparent belief about the ultimate provenance of everything.
    Mar 1 03:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • After Citron's Allegations, Is Questcor A Contrarian Buy? [View article]
    Raving: "What happens if Citron is proven right by the government?" Duck. You don't want to risk getting hit by airborne pigs.
    Feb 28 04:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Questcor falls; Citron claims Acthar at risk of being pulled [View news story]
    Brilliant insight, Herbie. And 65-70% of the toughest refractory and relapsing patients are so gullible that the placebo makes them well.
    Feb 27 01:13 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Antares testosterone injector performs well in Phase II trial [View news story]
    Better, measured how? The goal is to maintain a normal-range level of T, not to maximize the level. I would have thought, especially at Phase 2 (where safety is main focus), that avoiding 3rd parties getting an unwanted dose of T (gels), and less painful/cheaper than IM injections, would do the trick in differentiating QST?
    Feb 20 12:01 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Hatteras not a fan of Kain strategy [View news story]
    That's like a wholesaler of dairy products refusing to buy up a warehouse full of cheese at 20% off normal prices, because statistics show that 1 or 2 percent of the cheese in such inventories goes off before it can be brought to market.
    Feb 12 11:37 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • LinkedIn offers soft guidance, buys online jobs startup for $120M [View news story]
    Once SBC and amortization of intangibles are included, there are essentially NO earnings ($0.03 this quarter). Even using non-GAAP, the current P/E is almost 150! Cannot understand the market valuation of this company.

    More fool me, I had covered a little of my short position before the PR - on the theory that if MWW did THAT well, then LNKD would surely bust one loose on revenues. Hmf, so much for Leigh Drogen's Estimizers!
    Feb 6 05:19 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 8 Attractive Trades For 2014 [View article]
    Regarding your 5 bullet points on why-to-short-QCOR:

    . Nope, only 1 gov agency, the USAO. Just the same as end-2012 except the S. NY office has come in too, according to a verbal notification.
    . Isn’t Synacthen now also one of the company’s products (hint: the answer is “yes”). Besides such pickiness, is there some general challenge against Acthar Gel per se? Then how on earth are the sales increasing so rapidly? Perhaps they're bribing each and every one of those gullible quacks?
    . No, it almost reached 75 in August, and again just after the last results were announced. Now it’s about 53.
    . No, it’s about 28% as of the last published data, not 38%.
    . "being looked at under a microscope...". You mean: by the shorts?!

    I don't think it's harsh to say you went 0-for-5. Hard to listen to you on the other companies (none of which I now follow), even though I enjoyed your 2013 articles on AMRN and AAPL. Please read through the comments on your latest QCOR-bash. Your "arguments" were just torn to shreds.
    Dec 22 06:40 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Amazon: A Major Move Means No Retailer Is Safe [View article]
    pat: Paulo didn't cost anyone a penny by posting facts and opinions about AMZN. Each of us investors gets all the credit (and all the debits) for our own investments. Do you send a portion of your stock gains to those who informed or advised you about those stocks? No? Then shut up about the losses.
    Dec 14 06:47 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Celgene And The Chronic Disease Fund: The Next Domino To Fall? [View article]
    Mr F: Docs generally "choose" Acthar when the cheaper alternatives didn't work (IS - where Acthar is considered the standard of care - excepted). It is very often a last resort.

    I suspect you knew all that. If I am mistaken, then it seems you are certainly not shy to comment on things you don't know much about.
    Dec 11 07:17 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment