• PeterScriabin
    How are you reacting to the spectacular collapse of $SIMO, with daily new lows? The co. nerely confirmed midpoint of rev guidance already..
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    • PeterScriabin: ...given at last cc, which was THEN greeted with a fall from 14s to 13s. I have been buying in low 11s and high 10s. What am I missing?
    • PeterScriabin: I take it as bearish that Ashraf never produced the $SIMO article, despite several promises. Has there been bad news (rumor) out of Samsung?
    • Jason Myers: I am worried that I may be missing something as well, but remain bullish for 2013. Revenues and earnings are in line with guidance so far.
    • PeterScriabin: Well, now I got my answer - the loss of Sams. trnscvr business was leaked 2 months ago, and the big boys sold it down from 16 to 10. !@#$
    • Jason Myers: Qualcomm strikes again...With the 15 mil from existing LTE contracts and growth of Emmc i still have the shares valued in the $12-14 range