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  • Seadrill: Now An Attractive 11% Yielder [View article]
    What two telecoms you talking about? Fairpoint a possible (dk about the yield, know it went bust; and Frontier holds on with a fragile, maybe, high yield; and NOK (not exactly t'com I know but sort of) had a high yield for a while before cutting div.; then rocketed in price after a bit). EPS is near $6 v $4 div., 3%+ increase in div. 2/25 PLAUSIBLY sign of management confidence as Jensen says; if business is holding up in a lean time as he says they say, that's another argument of comfort. Also to Jensen's credit, his Jan. article was on the 28th of Jan, AFTER the big drop from near-$40- high early in the month. Long a tiny bit of Frontier, a good amount of SDRL and more as of Mar. 20 on much this argument, had Fairpoint (bankrupt). If F'point's your argument, it seems a weak comparison to me. They died on land-line business death and overleveraged spinoff from Baby Bell; as Frontier suffers, my understanding. VZ and T I'm also long; and worry some about THOSE (lower but high for market, 4-5% I think) yields.
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  • Seadrill: Now An Attractive 11% Yielder [View article]
    No article on TNH by BJensen here: Please, a source for your comment?
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  • Sell First Solar - Tellurium Supply, Narrow R&D Outlook Tarnish Company Glow [View article]
    See nothing about marc antony. Title: Tellurium's Hat, dellerium, cadmium, stupidium, Investment Analyst. Audio only (no earbuds for now). Thanks for lead. Serious?
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  • What Will North Atlantic Drilling IPO Bring To SeaDrill? [View article]
    In October.
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  • Time To Short The New York Times? [View article]
    Thought I should report beck: I did the $.99 for 12 weeks or whatever [subscription] today .... [And, OH, the first Peter Baker as a subscriber (makes "legacy" sound like platinum, and I'm not joking); nip over to the first few 'graphs of Gail Collins, back for ... more PB on BHO, imPECcable, a sweet treat to myself; I'll let you know if I ... go for the "big bullet" in 90 days.] And I've just checked, the stock's you know 14+- v. 8+ ... in Jan. (and I haven't sold any yet). It's ... a great ... round [I can't say "game"], eh? Happy solstice!
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  • W. P. Carey Closes $40 Million Acquisition of Denver-area Class A Building [View article]
    Photo link not working.
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  • Blackstone's Brixmor sets expected IPO range [View news story]
    Blackstone paid $9 billion in '11 for what's now called Brixmore to Australia-based Centro Properties Group, per this from CoStar for what it's worth. Long BX.
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  • HP: Is A Turnaround Possible? [View article]
    I think the phrase "private label tag" is not what the writer was intending. "Private label" is altogether different from "going private" in my understanding. "Private label" is a retailer having a cereal manufacturer, for example, put the retailer's name on the product rather than the manufacturer's. Dell is all about "going private" I think.
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  • A.H. Belo: Trading 4x EBITDA, Stock Has 40% Upside [View article]
    For the record (I had to look it up): Not to be confused with Belo Corp., the television assets of a formerly combined co. AH Belo was spun off with the newspapers. Gannett announced in June it would purchase Belo (t'v.).

    I'm long LEE, MNI, and others, now thinking about AHC, thanks.
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  • PNC mortgage investigation may be just the start [View news story]
    The probe is on lending practices and pricing, not hiring, as I read last week's linked article.

    Interesting to me, also, it was a joint DOJ/Consumer Finance Protection Bureau initiative, the CFPB the recently upgraded (confirmed head, I think) new agency.

    Long PNC.

    The American Banker link is subscription only.
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  • John Liu, the head of Google's (GOOG) Chinese ops, is leaving in mid-August to pursue "other opportunities." European partnerships chief Scott Beaumont will take over for Liu. Though Google's Chinese search share is now miniscule, the company still does plenty of business selling ads both in China and to Chinese companies selling overseas, and has an interest in seeing Android maintain its dominant share of the Chinese smartphone market. [View news story]
    BIDU AND QIHU up 5%, SOHU +2%, BIDU mostly up 9:30-10 though a partial retrenchment and now recovery after that. Those are the three most up against/filling in for as it were GOOG in China, per my non-authoritative following effort. I'm long GOOG and, less, BIDU (though a little more BIDU last week, nicely, little less under water overall now on the co.).
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  • Looking for relative strength? With the S&P 500 off nearly 5% since May's end and the big-cap focused Financial Sector SPDR (XLF) down 5%, the Regional Banking ETF (KRE) is about flat as higher rates hold the promise of better margins. Within the KRE, those stocks looking the best technically to Frank Zorilla are ASBC, BBT, MTB, HBAN, HOMB, RF, ZION[View news story]
    Something I should know? Freudian slip? ... Well, up 10% today. Thanks! For things. Whatever they may be. Any position, 112-? I encourage disclosure in spots like this. None for me.
    Jun 26 12:55 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. solar stocks rally strongly ahead of a Tuesday speech from Pres. Obama in which he's expected to outline plans to effectively double the amount of renewable energy created on public lands by 2020 (enough to power 6M homes), and to impose regulations of carbon dioxide output from U.S. power plans. First Solar (FSLR +7.6%), which received an upgrade and a bullish coverage launch yesterday, is the biggest winner, but SunEdison (SUNE +5.6%) and SunPower (SPWR +4.2%) are also doing well. [View news story]
    (A) You have to acknowledge the subsidies, including the wars, to "non-renewable" oil, right? (B) This is an ethanol senator-to-president, I'll acknowledge; I think of Bush2 as the real ethanol president; I would be surprised if more now is being put into corn ethanol beyond maybe (sizable, yes,) ease-down buffer cover; cellulosic sp? ethanol seems another line with maybe more promise (and new fed. investment? dk); 30+ years would lodge ethanol maybe in Synfuels/Carter era, am I right? ah, well; sorry story (to me it seems); & what about the "shale" of Synfuels era? any relation to fracking now? I know there are some major differences, wondering if there are some connections too. (C) Back to A. Can't we sort out the subsidies AND the common sense elements and find a way forward. Now it's just accusations being flung, in these comments at least, it feels. Do you accept the carbon element of the pres's program AT ALL? Can Keystone survive a carbon-neutral analysis?

    First thoughts on a day old story & comments that were nonetheless still posted, luckily because I missed it y'day, in the SA lineup. Other lucky element: Happened to buy a little FSLR two days ago.
    Jun 26 12:29 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Newspaper executives see the light at the end of the tunnel for their industry as digital subscriptions start to help revenue pick back up. The New York Times (NYT) has been out in front with its +700K digital subscribers, but peers in the newspaper industry (GCI, MNI, LEE, MEG, AHC, MNI, SSP, WPO) indicate their digital strategy is also paying off by creating new growth channels. Looking ahead five years, the group can't promise news will still be digested at all by consumers with ink-stained hands. [View news story]
    Reader comments give channel for venting (and actually helping, interactively, with patience) on such issues. Have you considered the digital subscription, if it's at QCT yet? I am a LEE stockholder (giving another channel, as it were) and not a dig. subscriber to any, still buy two local weeklies, newsstand in paper, "freeload" the rest dig.. Actually own five of the listed stocks, like the industry. And have (cautious) hope for it. And wonder about subscribing about daily. Cheers.
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  • The glass is half full for Owens Corning (OI -1.2%) with soda companies (KO, PEP, DPS) continuing to see demand for glass bottle products increase at a faster rate than plastic ones. Though glass bottles only account for 2% of soda drink sales, the niche had higher profit margins while boosting sales at a respectable 4.5% clip last year. All three major soda companies say they will try moving more brands to glass. [View news story]
    Let's hope those are all deposit/return/reuse items, right? Yeh, right. Or maybe I'm wrong in my sarcasm. I'm open to correction.
    Jun 24 03:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment