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  • declanfromtrinidad
    hello, any views on how safe $LSTMF.PK dividends are?
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    • NorthSun: Dividends are very safe, with a payout ratio of about 36%. It also is very undervalued. Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.
    • declanfromtrinidad: thanks....just with all the good things being said about this stock....its been dropping....and i am not sure why.
    • NorthSun: Can. oil comp. are receiving less for oil then WTI due to lack of pipeline cap. Low sh. pr. makes it a takeover target. Good reason to own.
    • declanfromtrinidad: this stock seems to be in freefall. shouldn't they be cutting their dividends now?
    • SRU operator: Divi is safe.
    • dgcannon: Didn't they just recently cut their dividend? If so, that's likely already factored into the price
      Feb 10, 2:32 PM
    • NorthSun: Cut div. from .8 to .4 per month. The current level is safe, and reflected in the price. Working to reduce debt. Good upside potential.
      Feb 11, 3:57 PM