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  • What Ucore Is Telling Us About MRT (And Why We Aren't Buying It)  [View article]
    You're smoking baloney Ben Kramer-Miller. Do you realize that among the Izatt's there's a masters degree in chemical engineering from MIT and that their board has a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry? Do you think that they're qualified to place judgement? Reed Izatt PhD made a simple declaration in his piece over there in Tracy land. It's looking pretty confident to me that you're going to be coming out all wet. We'll see soon enough.

    MRT: a Reliable Source of Separated Rare Earth Metals
    IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. (IBC), in cooperation with Ucore Rare Metals, Inc. (Ucore), has achieved (1) the separation of the sixteen individual rare earth metals at >99% purity from a pregnant leach solution (PLS) derived from the Bokan-Dotson Ridge mine, and (2) the further separation of the individual rare earth metals from each other in >99% purity [10,11]. The initial complete separation and recovery of the rare earth metals from the PLS not only provides a tremendous economic benefit, but it also means that virtually no rare earth metals are in the tailings, thus conserving the resource. The method used to make the highly metal-selective separations is Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT), which is a commercially proven simple and rapid green chemistry process for metal separations from complex matrices [4,12,13]. MRT operations are carried out in column format. No organic solvents are used and wash and elution chemicals are as benign as possible. Waste generation is minimal and rare earth metal recovery from the PLS approaches 100%.

    An MRT pilot plant is currently under construction to produce individually separated rare earth metals [14]. The output of MRT commercial plants will make a source of rare earth metals available for both domestic and international users enabling the U.S. and other nations to become less dependent on China for their rare earth metal supply and will provide rare earth metals for expected increased future global demand.

    - See more at: http://bit.ly/1NMhBQZ
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  • What Ucore Is Telling Us About MRT (And Why We Aren't Buying It)  [View article]
    I got to Seattle in '84 when it was still a VA hospital on Beacon Hill and Amazon was but a gleam in Jeff Bezo's loins. Since they lost my subscriber info from 1997, I was flush when I sold my 68 Chevelle and used the proceeds to fly my girlfriend from KL who I met on FriendFinder to Seattle for three weeks of hotness. I sent her home and sent some books. I got purged so I don't like them I haven't done business with them since. Bezos can bite me. Yeah, it's personal. He's a slave driver and he laughs like a hyena. The town is insufferably hipster now. I like Everett up north. I dare you to short amzn. Their day is coming but it's not now. eBay on the other hand, that one looks ready to slay.
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  • What Ucore Is Telling Us About MRT (And Why We Aren't Buying It)  [View article]
    It's more like science and applied science. Ucore has on their board the Nobel winner and the leading engineers in the field. Your assertion of it being unproven and promoted by people who seem not to understand it is patently dishonest. For my part, it's far from blind faith. I see science newly applied by top tier scientists and engineers. The company says that they're going to change the world and they still have to prove it. What else is new?
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  • What Ucore Is Telling Us About MRT (And Why We Aren't Buying It)  [View article]
    It's not a given that Molycorp will start Mountain Pass at least anytime soon especially considering that they have capacity inside China and that leaves nobody in North America except the hanging by a thread trer and ree. Ucore is hanging by at least a bicycle brake cable. I find it interesting that Rhodia/Solvay and Lynas are looking their way, the direction of the threat. If you're going to use one of their Powerpoint slides, you can at least give us some units. I can answer some questions: aqueous solution nitrate? Yes! That's fertilizer so there's lower potential environmental impact as opposed to using a different kind of acid. PH neutral? Probably not, so what? Efficacy bench scale: 99 and 99%, that must just kill those guys over there in France. No wonder they'rte worried. Efficiency?: The MRT footprint is much smaller than a comparable SX but we'll have to wait for an FS to see it penciled in. Cost of the ligand; Ucore gets it wholesale since it's a JV with the supplier so that 1000$ per kg number if anything is one pulled out of someone's rectum, not Jim McKenzie's. That's the platinum group ligand with higher margin built in. Do you know how much the ligand cost is in the copper/bismuth operation? You're flying just as blind Ben Kramer-Miller. As for MRT not being vetted, check with the Nobel Prize committee in Oslo. You didn't plow any new ground here. We're waiting for a pilot plant but the market is already picking a winner. Bicycle brake cable is pretty strong.
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  • MiningWEALTH Weekly Update: Gold And The Dollar; Will Ucore Get AIDEA Money?  [View article]
    My argument is that the opacity relating to what we know about the efficacy of MRT separation for rare earths relates to the economics and not the ability of the technology to perform scaled up. I'm betting that it can economically beat an equivalent capacity SX facility and possibly by a very wide margin. I'm also arguing that select ree prices will rise due to even the monopolists losing money at these prices. Lastly, and there's no argument here, the premise of your piece here that the financing for Bokan development is in danger due to Alaska state budget woes is wholly false and the charitable explanation is to say that you were ignorant on the matter and that you now stand corrected. The less charitable explanation is that you have an ax to grind. You can perhaps advance an argument that they don't have the basket to pass feasibility therefore the financing is in jeopardy but that's not what you did. So, you're either ignorant or dishonest. We'll let the readers decide.
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  • MiningWEALTH Weekly Update: Gold And The Dollar; Will Ucore Get AIDEA Money?  [View article]
    It's one thing to contend that the numbers won't crunch but it's something else entirely to call it "snake oil", an insolent term for fraudulent patent medicine. You deal in rhetoric son and I don't mind dishing some back. McKenzie told you to go hug a saguaro and he has sense enough to know who his friends are. Your ax to grind is apparent to everyone here. The project may not currently be economically feasible straight away but MRT is a big wild card albeit an opaque one and if you can't see an outside client business developing due to a successful pilot plant test, you're just not very imaginative.
    As for distorted pricing, China is having the mother of all margin calls so to speak and glutting commodities but they're committed to doubling down on magnets as are everyone else. The Paris deal in my opinion is an underestimated game changer. You're better off betting against coal and oil. I'm wondering about the cognitive dissonance of sniffling about Bokan being too low grade to develop versus your ardor for the much lower grade Round Top. How many dimes of your hard earned money have you sent that way? I don't see anyone rushing in to finance that project. They're reduced to press releases about tacking up a poster and desperate death spiral ploys to prevent their investors from jumping with piddling 6 figure cash infusions barely enough to keep the lights on never mind advance the project. Trer is all hat and no cattle. Or maybe their technology will save them?
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  • MiningWEALTH Weekly Update: Gold And The Dollar; Will Ucore Get AIDEA Money?  [View article]
    I dare you to short Amazon. Failing to market aggressively is a major factor in business failure. Jim McKenzie is a telcom guy but that might be a plus. He sure is good at political lobbying. He's that disdainful term, a 'community organizer' and maybe understands that the concept of capital is more than money. We don't know how strong the market for the technology is. The royalty financing that they have obtained is impressive under the circumstances and certainly points to a large technology customer. As of right now in North America, they're pretty much the last man standing. If anyone is hanging by their last thread, it's trer. Mcp, uree, ree, qst, avl are all kaput. North America is now wide open and I would venture to guess that between AIDEA and MRT, the capex will drop from what was stated in the PEA and that China as promised absorbs their production domestically and forces up prices. Their big 6 are all losing money at these prices and if there's anyone who hates to lose money, it's the Chinese. Did you know that every resident of Alaska gets an annual Permanent Fund check? Political expedience requires that they keep them coming ergo Bokan will develop. Rare earth prices are below the cost of production everywhere but if Lynas is break even if barely with a big SX plant, Ucore has some wiggle room if the technology delivers and prices head up as the laws of supply and demand say that they should. If Lynas can make it, so can another. We'll see.
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  • MiningWEALTH Weekly Update: Gold And The Dollar; Will Ucore Get AIDEA Money?  [View article]
    It's very difficult to estimate the current NPV of the project and I suppose your guess is as good as anyone's. I don't know where you got the idea of toll separation. They plan on using a small footprint and scalable MRT installation that they own 100%. The company is riding on proof that MRT is less expensive than SX by a wide enough margin for ree separation to offset the probably oversold low prices. Bokan is 25% neodymium and providing a supply of dysprosium gives researchers the better opportunity of engineering it in rather than out. Personally, I'd like to see a new PEA but as far as lining up financing goes, the sovereign wealth fund known as AIDEA should not be underestimated or their motivations misunderstood. There's a reason that Ucore has the top market cap among the ree juniors. Some people get it and some people don't.
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  • MiningWEALTH Weekly Update: Gold And The Dollar; Will Ucore Get AIDEA Money?  [View article]
    The Alaska General fund used to finance government operations is separate and distinct from 50 billion dollar Permanent Fund which is intended for economic development to replace the inevitable and now occurring decline in oil revenue. The state in fact has greater impetus to develop alternative revenue streams. The flush Permanent Fund can't be used to plug the operating budget. That's the law and why they passed an income tax even with a slush fund so large. Ucore's feasibility study is the deciding factor as to whether they get the AIDEA money or not. The money is there and not affected by the state budget woes.
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  • What The Rare Earth Industry Investor Faces  [View article]
    Since we're on the subject of qualifications, what are yours?
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  • What The Rare Earth Industry Investor Faces  [View article]
    Wells can dry up. Climate change issues can affect this project. What's weak is your dismissal of the real possibility that they might not have adequate water to get the permit. The south west is drying up. That's a fact.
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  • What The Rare Earth Industry Investor Faces  [View article]
    I wonder worsening case if Texas will have enough water to do all of that heap leaching. It's perhaps a risk factor that deserves some consideration. It's one trend that's not their friend. I can appreciate the risk aversion approach of this toned alright for a change SA piece but fortune favors the bold and in North America, it's not pointing towards Texas.
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  • 10 Reasons Why Precious Metals And Junior Miners May Be The Safest Place To Be  [View article]
    You sound the same as you always do Jeb however you're getting closer to correct. Some market wizards are making moves and shares really are beaten down. I wasn't aware of Druckenmiller making a move on gold like that. Wasn't he the one who said that he likes trades so easy that it's like walking in to the corner and picking up a bag of money?
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  • What Ucore Isn't Telling You About MRT  [View article]
    They don't like you for a good reason Ben Kramer Hyphen Miller because it's clear that you have an agenda and an ax to grind. It's 4 million dollars US in the bank, 4 MILLION DOLLARS! MORE THAN WHAT THEY PAID FOR THE RIGHTS! and you don't see "why they would do it" in exchange for a piddling 2% royalty on the income stream from the first and only the first large MRT customer and should that not work out they get shares at a 20% discount over a running 30 day price average of if they choose to pull that trigger which seems to me a typical discount for a normal secondary offering. It looks pretty savvy to me and it shows HIGH confidence in the viability and marketability of the technology. Ucore has already monetized MRT to positive cash flow and you have a problem with that? You'd better check your logic circuits son. You're way off base and the shameful display of unprofessionalism here is on you.
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  • My Favorite Contrarian Idea: Short Syrah Resources  [View article]
    When it comes to supplying a 5 billion dollar Li-ion "gigafactory", the only junior that's truly ready to go outside of project financing is Northern Graphite. Syrah may be a short candidate but it's not a "good" one. It's no Krispykreme or Crocs or Shake Shack, certainly not with the rare earth style upside volatility that the beaten down sector now has. Syrah is over valued and it's pretty much stating the obvious but it's not a safe short, certainly not now that Tesla absolutely needs to sign some supply deals soon. If I was looking for a pig to short, I'd maybe go with non GMO pork seller Chipotle or eBay when it becomes apparent that PayPal is the only thing holding them up.
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