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  • aeovian
    in $UVXY at 53.50
    May 1, 1:24 PM
      • aeovian
        In $UVXY today at 65.00. Dramatic action in the last hour, but I'm holding for now.
        Apr 14, 6:12 PM
          • aeovian
            Synthetic $VXST, long call and short put same strike.
            Apr 10, 9:47 PM
              • aeovian
                Out of $UVXY today at 61.46. Likely more upside, but gotta take profits to make profits. Still long May and June $VIX call spreads 15-18.
                Apr 7, 9:13 PM
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                • aeovian: In at 58.25 on Tuesday for a gain of 5.5% in four days
                  Apr 8, 5:44 AM
                • tywheeler: Not bad. Im in the same boat 58.15. I think I will try and sit on it a little longer. You are spot on about taking profits to make profits.
                  Apr 8, 9:09 AM
                  • aeovian
                    Selling next week's covered calls $SVXY (just OTM), and using proceeds to buy longer dated VIX call spreads.
                    Mar 25, 10:21 PM
                      • aeovian
                        Back in 20% $SVXY @ $59.55. Plan to wait for a small gain then sell some weekly OTM calls for added yield.
                        Mar 11, 8:43 PM
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                        • jamesingram32: you still in?
                          Mar 17, 4:03 PM
                        • aeovian: Yes. Contago is low, so I think more can be made on selling the weekly calls, which give about 2% yield, or nearly 6% if called away.
                          Mar 17, 6:40 PM
                          • aeovian
                            Sold weekly $SVXY 60 put and used proceeds to buy an April VIX 14-20 call spread.
                            Feb 27, 12:26 PM
                              • aeovian
                                With $SPY retreating from highs, I'm out of $SVXY and took small position in $UVXY.
                                Feb 26, 8:02 PM
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                                • aeovian: Sold UVXY at 66.99 for a gain of 3% overnight
                                  Feb 27, 11:03 AM
                                  • aeovian
                                    With VIX at 15.40 going into close, I sold 80% of my $SVXY position and picked up 1% in $VXX march calls. Is my lack of faith "disturbing"?
                                    Feb 19, 3:58 PM
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                                    • jamesingram32: @aeovian, thanks for the answer. What's your thoughts on this week? I'm nervously sitting on some in profit Feb 28 calls...
                                      Feb 24, 3:00 AM
                                    • aeovian: I think it will depend on how the S&P does when it meets resistance. A break could lead to SVXY back to the highs in the next week or so.
                                      Feb 24, 9:36 AM