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  • The Curious Case of Sheldon Player [View instapost]
    So sorry Mr. Menkin, I apologize for not checking back here after my first comment. In your searches, did you try Greycas? That should lead to even more interesting articles & facts. The only thing I can say is that financial institutions have much better resources available to them with much more detail than those available to you & I. I know for a fact that the details of the Greyhound fraud would have been uncovered if due-diligence had been performed.
    I did not realize he had not been arrested, and I must assume there is nothing to update regarding that. The only thing that Player instills is that committing white collar crime has little or no consequence. He got away with it back in the 80's (punished with very little time & repaid nothing as the $$ could not be found) and he continues to do same.
    Jun 20, 2012. 05:55 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Curious Case of Sheldon Player [View instapost]
    Just to clarify Sheldon's 'loans' w/GLFC; I at the time of his "being young and foolish" was an employee of GLFC. Sheldon knowingly did his dirty deeds, and even back then he could be spotted at the high-roller baccarate table in Ceasar's Palace. It was an anonymous employee back in the 80s, (after his falsifying loan docs, etc w/Greyhound and receiving way more money than GLFC ever admitted to) that had spotted Sheldon at a table with hundreds of thousands of dollars in chips in front of him who made the call to GLFC, informing them of Sheldon's activities, giving them their first indication that something was seriously wrong. I could go on and on about this entire episode, as I remember it vividly. He definitely knew exactly what he was doing and how to attempt to get away with what he was doing. Suffice it to say, Sheldon should choose another profession - he is not a really good criminal. Having said that, maybe he is pretty
    good - looks as if he did it again! Shame on the institutions that did not do their due diligence regarding their lending to this criminal. It is not real difficult to Google his name and get many results regarding his past. Although that may be too much to consider when doing a background on someone wanting to qualify for a multi-million dollar loan. Could this type of negligence have something to do with why the US taxpayers had to bail so many lending institutions?! Really, what a hoot! What is even more pathetic is Sheldon actually got a substantial sized Grant from the Feds not long ago. I guess, why should lending institutions do their due diligence when the Feds don't do theirs?! If the real facts were ever brought to light about what really went on with the GLFC loans to Player. . .it would indeed make good reading, as fictional as it would seem. Really, nobody could make that stuff up!
    Jul 27, 2011. 10:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment