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  • Molycorp - Everything Is Moving In The Right Direction For Long Investors [View article]
    Let's suppose for a minute China decides that the US is so entangled in the
    Israel/Hamas, Iraq/IS, Ukraine/Russia, Libya/al Quaeda affairs that it would
    be a good time to annex Taiwan and Senkaku Islands. Bound by treaty, the
    US attempts countermeasures that disrupt REE acquisition from China. With
    this scenario, would the US let Molycorp fail? Be purchased by a foreign
    company? I think at the National Security level, Molycorp's value as the only
    operating producer in the Americas is readily apparent. Like GM or banks,
    too important to liberals who like the comforts obtained while criticizing the
    necessary byproducts that come with them. Molibdenos Y Metales SA owns
    46,700,700 shares as of March 5, 2014, when pps was $5. The only Insider
    Transactions reported for the past TWO YEARS have been acquisitions. I may
    not know much but I know that collectively, the fund/ IH managers that hold
    45% and the Insiders and 5% owners that hold 24% of the OS have access
    to info I don't see and must therefor be smarter than me. I am buying as
    much as I can at $2 and below.
    Aug 17 01:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • One-Time Stock Sale Boosts Arena To Profit [View article]
    Thank you for that last sentence. That is exactly what I was thinking
    when I saw the first ads and commented on them a few months back.
    At least I had the advantage of having lost so much money and was
    waiting so long for the ads to start, I was paying attention when the
    drug name was mentioned. At that hour I barely would have noticed
    a family strolling around while a voice droned the side effects ( death
    is usually my personal favorite in most of these type of ads) as a pill
    for weight loss. I look for a grossly obese (think the Family Guy,Peter)
    laying on a treadmill, unconscious, while a voice screams "lose weight
    with a SAFE Rx pill under your Doctor's care finally, cheaply, safely."
    And then you go to a dollar store or a chain pharmacy and see an ASLE
    of diet products, including pills. And since Obamacare won't pay and your
    unemployment ran out, that's how you chose. In my rural area, anyhow.
    Aug 6 08:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • An End To Our Relationship With Yahoo, A New Era For Equity Research [View article]
    Good point! I also frequently skim a article because I already
    have my own opinions from my own research, then race to
    the comments where I find deep insights from old timers that
    are considerably more valuable than the author's, especially
    the authors who are shorting and write weekly to bash stocks
    for which there otherwise is little information. I have even
    followed some of these commenters back and read their past
    comments concerning other stocks as they were great teachers.
    Jul 31 10:29 PM | 32 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Molycorp drop halted only briefly by positive analyst mention [View news story]
    Thanks, I really needed a good laugh.
    I lost $17K and finally bailed at 2.75.
    Jul 11 12:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Molycorp: Free Fall Halted By Positive Analyst Comments. Will A Short Squeeze Ensue? [View article]
    Short term long position? Ha ha. That's novel, but I have been
    forced into that position myself but I usually referred to it as
    "Left holding the bag." Having averaged down a truely long
    position from the giddy heights of two years ago, I pulled the
    plug on MCP at 2.75 losing about $17K in the process. I want
    that money back. My plan, temporarily thwarted, was to buy
    back in at ~1.50 or less this fall when the A/S doubles. There
    is a perfect storm brewing here in which individual common
    share holders can be trapped. Another year may go by before
    the Chinese get a handle on limiting smuggling and restricting
    export, and prices rise. Meanwhile MCP will run out of money
    and many Institutional Investors will leave the field because
    they are not allowed to hold shares in companies that are
    priced below a certain amount, usually $4 or $5. That brings
    hedge funds out in force and they are the ones who think the
    only way to make money is to manipulate stocks by shorting
    and buying an analyst now and then. I remain bullish on MCP
    and LYSCF for those who are entering the sector for the first
    time and want to start a long position as predictably, short of
    an all-out war or major economic cataclysm, these metals are
    going to remain critical to modern manufacturing needs. And
    replacing them with substitute materials has not worked out
    as some were claiming a year or so ago. But the near future
    is grim. The spurt to 1.96 today won't hold, IMO.
    Jul 10 08:23 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Molycorp -11.7%, Seeking Alpha blog says shares worth $1.60 [View news story]
    Schock Exchange is a distort and short
    fear monger that thinks running a
    companies potential into the ground is
    way easier than searching for great
    companies that can double or triple if
    held long enough to avoid the taxes
    like the institutional investors do. He
    has no idea what MCP is worth, just
    what he wants the price to be so he can
    cover and meet his profit target.
    Jul 2 09:43 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Don't Buy Bloated Yelp On OpenTable's Buyout News [View article]
    I believe Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's group al-Qaeda in Iraq
    (now named Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS)
    along with the armies of several countries are about to
    solve the overpopulation and unemployment problems
    in that area of the world.
    Jun 14 07:48 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Molycorp's $560 Million Intangible Assets Are Worthless [View article]
    I'm not seeing anyone mention the proposal up for
    a vote at the annual meeting to double the A/S.
    I cast my proxy vote against it and sold my shares
    at market ( under $3 ) that same day as I know
    what's coming next. It ain't gonna be a scramble
    by shorts to cover. I'll be buying back when it falls
    under $1. Meanwhile, SE is still a POS basher.
    Jun 1 01:13 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Adding Verizon To A Conservative Income Portfolio May Be A Good Call [View article]
    You city fellers always worryn bout how much stuff costs
    when we in the hill country want to know if it works.
    When old age caught up with me, and pay phones
    disappeared, I talked to everyone I could that had cell
    phones and the consensus in our neck of the woods
    was Verizon had everyone else beat. About ten years
    have gone by, Verizon has gotten better, although more
    expensive, and the other carriers have barely improved.
    Although I pay about $230 monthly to Verizon Wireless
    as the principal in a family phone plan, I never owned
    VZ stock until I received 65 shares in the spinoff from
    the VOD buy back. I have held VOD for several years
    because it was cheaper per share to buy but paid a
    larger dividend. I have now decided to keep the VZ and
    add to it on dips. And since VOD has dipped because
    the rumors of a AT&T buyout proved untrue, I am adding
    now. I believe VOD will be the predominant company in
    Europe and can also compete in India, the dividends are
    good considering my cost basis is under $25, and it is
    flush with cash from VZ as it carefully evaluates acquisitions.
    If Warren Buffet agrees VZ is a buy, I will add to that also
    since my goal is mostly dividends.
    Jun 1 12:39 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Molycorp: The Pain... The Pain [View article]
    Having loyally stayed invested in MCP and averaged down
    from $26 in 2/12 to $11 two weeks ago, I finally threw in
    the towel and sold all but 100 shares at $2.75 when the
    last quarterly results convinced me that 1) there will be
    no SPO this time to keep the company afloat at the rate
    they are burning their cash, and 2) there is a very good
    they will double the A/S at the annual meeting and crash
    the pps to the point they will be downgraded to the OTC
    and ultimately have to file chapter 11 unless a creditor
    forces them into a Chapter 7 first. Ultimately someone,
    probably a Chinese company, will buy it, certainly the Neo
    part of it, and take it private. The present Administration
    will be no more moved to preserve it as the only REE
    processor in the US than they were to preserve the only
    lead smelter that was forced to close recently by the EPA.
    Shorting the stock now knowing the price will crash the
    day the A/S doubles is Shock Exchange's game, IMO.
    This time around, a bash article is unnecessary overkill.
    May 29 11:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Growlife Inc.: 3 Assumptions To Rethink [View article]
    I'm thinking that everyone except ignaeous11 is too stoned to realize PHOT
    is gone to the grey sheets and will never be traded as a pink or OTC board
    stock again. So any argument about it's relative worth is a waste of time.
    Anyone that does not bother to read the links to the SEC rules, posted on
    several board forums many times, deserves to lose their shirt. PHOT was
    once my favorite, because I have owned Growlife equipment for about 15
    of their 30 years in business. Not for growing pot plants, not that I cared,
    but for growing edible herbs like basil, chives, sage, etc. and to start
    vegetable plants from seed in a commercial greenhouse in the winter in
    upstate New York. So I knew it was a real business that had been around
    for years and if they want to supply NYC and New Jersey with lettuce for
    awhile (big money there, BTW, instead of trucking from FL) while they
    set up/supply grow houses in WA, CO or anyplace else, so be it. But when
    the SEC sent Stirling Scott a letter requesting specific information about PHOT
    finances, giving a deadline, and Sterling ignored it, the SEC acted just as
    any competent CPA or lawyer could have advised Growlife that they would
    do. When I read that letter over a year ago, I didn't think to save a link to
    it as I thought it would be promptly complied with. Maybe someone else
    has it and can post it. It will certainly surface in the class action lawsuit,
    for which the US District Court for the Central District of CA will appoint
    a lead plaintiff on June 17, 2014. PHOT is for all purposes, a private
    company, and the only hope is for another publicly held company to buy
    it (and it's legal liabilities) and for that company to then issue shares of
    it's stock to former shareholders of PHOT. One would have to smoke a
    lot of PHOT in order to believe that would happen.
    May 15 03:11 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Arena - Script Sales Start Recovery As Television Ads Hit Air [View article]
    The first time I saw the aid it was about 2:30 AM on a Sunday morning
    on the Fox Directv channel 360. I was underwhelmed and paid more
    attention when it aired again 15 minutes later. If I had not owned stock
    in Arena for the past two years I doubt if I would have paid any attention
    to it at all as it is not clear at all what is being promoted here, besides
    another drug that has a long list of coverass warnings about side effects.
    With a college degree in marketing an 40 years experience I can say
    that the ad is a waste of money. It will never increase sales when the
    average viewer sees ads glittering with eye candy for OTC products that
    cost $1 a day and promise miracle weight loss in a week.
    This stock would be selling at over $13 if the insiders had
    not immediately started rewarding themselves with salary,
    perks, golden parachutes and stock options upon FDA
    approval, effectively canceling out any revenue increase.
    Apr 27 07:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cannabis Stocks: What The Growlife Halt Means For The Industry [View article]
    As far as I know, all stocks halted by the SEC never recover from the
    grey sheets when the trading resumes. After the initial rush to be the
    first to dump, volume will trail off as sellers attempt to salvage anything
    they can and PHOT will go dark.
    Apr 15 11:00 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • WTO backs U.S. over China in rare earths dispute [View news story]
    I think whoever penned this at Credit Suisse doesn't know much about the
    REE sector and next to nothing about the Chinese current ten year plan.
    Aside from the needs of the Chinese Electronic Industry for export and a
    growing domestic market, a look at the Chinese military budget tells the
    story. Throw in the idea that the budget announced is only half of the real
    amount planned, and a vigorous expansion of the space and clean energy
    programs, and you start to formulate the thought that China may need all
    of the REE it can produce. I can get snarky here and say that if you want
    to know what is going on in China it helps to read Chinese publications in
    the language and share some tea with Chinese friends who are graduate
    students at Cornell University but I won't. I will say that the big problem
    in China is pollution. The production of REE's by what was virtually a
    cottage industry of hundreds of little enterprises is being consolidated by
    the government in order to stop the smuggling, illegal mining and processing,
    and illegal trading. There are penalties for defying stop orders by the Party.
    In short, the outlook for REE's flooding the US market is zilch, and the
    outlook for companies that already have completed the facilities costing
    billions USD and that are in production, is excellent. I own Molycorp (MCP),
    Lynas (OTCPK:LYSCF), and a growing amount of Ucore (OTCQX:UURAF). the latter because
    it has Heavy REE, like Yttrium, access to shipping by water, and recently, the
    support of the State of Alaska (financing).
    Mar 26 11:45 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is AT&T A Good Investment Over Verizon? [View article]
    I spend $350 a month on VZ and I'd love to switch, but it it's the only wireless
    system that works. I get TV signals with rabbit ears from Elmira, Binghamton,
    Syracuse, and Rochester NY. But I couldn't get one bar on a AT&T cell phone if
    I stood on my roof. I compared coverage maps online recently and VZ still wins.
    VZ had to borrow beg and steal to buy back it's 45% dividend from VOG and
    issued (diluted) with millions of shares to close the deal. I owned VOG for the
    dividends it paid before the Verizon deal, and I received 65 shares of VZ as a
    tax free dividend. As VOG is now debt free and flush with cash, it is still a better
    stock to hold for appreciation as the company is looking to expand in Spain, India,
    Africa, and China. If VZ starts to fall I'm selling it and buying more VOD.
    Mar 21 10:42 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment