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  • Gold continues push higher after jobs report [View news story]
    Oil is umpredictable short term, but will tend to go up in the long run.
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  • Gold continues push higher after jobs report [View news story]
    Gold and silver still very volatile, the general opinion is that metals will deep about 5 to 10% before it continues to go up starting February and reaching 25 to 35 % increased in price. year end.
    For now HOLD ilver,gold,palladium,and platinum.
    Best wishes.
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  • (CIGX) What needs to be known is that the trudge is over. Star wins! A Buy alert [View instapost]
    I am a medical Dr.
    I have been fallowing scientific studies of anatabine for a few month already.
    I honestly believe that this a HUGE breakthrough event that can not be ignore.
    Anatabine will have a big impact in the way treatment of chronic inflammation will be treated from now on.
    The company, Start scientific has to educate people here and all over the world what really is chronic inflammation and the tremendous damage since the existence of humane race has caused and continuous to do so.
    I urge people to get familiar with chronic inflammation and its relation to diseases like AGING, Al-Z disease, Parkinson, neuritis, endoarteritis, arthritis, coronary disease, autism, autoimmune disorders and................the list is too long to mention all.

    I hope that this medication at the correct dosage can be found and release soon.
    That you.
    Dr. Eduardo Aquino
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  • David Weidner sees an unspoken motivation at work in both D.C. and Wall Street as the debt ceiling deadline nears: "We like games of chicken." Given the way each side is misreading the other - "the lawmakers seem to be underestimating the markets and the markets seem to be overestimating the lawmakers" - the odds rise that we will find out how spectacular the crash will really be.  [View news story]
    A man looking from Argentina.
    The crash is imminent, the winners will be those that hold Gold, Silver, and land. USA is in bankruptcy. Stop kinking the can.... any further.
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