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  • The Solar Fun Is Done For Now [View article]
    Germany is increasingly irrelevant. The'll still install at least 4-5GW this year, if not again surprising with up to 7GW again.

    Germany is simply used by hedgies and bankers to keep the shares cheap for their own purposes.

    The real story is in Asia; China, India, Japan.

    For you to call 2012 all over with at the beginning of February is just plain ignorant, or else manipulative.
    Feb 15, 2012. 12:09 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Solar Downturn Still In The Early Innings [View article]
    "These projects were priced using First Solar's 2008-09 project installation cost levels, which were 35%-40% higher than they are today. Also adding to the bottom line will be the reduction in costs of capital for the 1,070 megawatts' worth of projects that received Department of Energy loan guarantees, which allow the company to realize higher selling prices. Putting it all together, this book of business isn't just going to provide an earnings buffer, but will in fact mint the company a great deal of money. While we project every other company to lose money in 2012, we expect First Solar's earnings will grow, albeit from 2011 figures that have been revised downward in recent months."

    Shhh, nobody tell Republicans in Congress that the DOE is guaranteeing loans on Solar at above-market prices.
    Nov 18, 2011. 06:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Top 12 Solar Companies: Which Are the Best Bet for Investors? [View article]

    Uh, Silicone has nothing to do with Solar Panels. LOL!

    You really don't seem to know what's going on with LDK if you think that their debt is for failed thin film projects, and if you don't mention the fact that they're the biggest Poly Producers of any companies on your list. Geez.
    Mar 31, 2011. 11:04 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why China‚Äôs Solar Sector Will Suffer Under Currency Tensions [View article]
    The author is correct that currency issues impact the Solar Industry, just as they impact every Industry. This particular article is a rehash of several news stories that have been floating around recently, and for what it's worth, that's just fine with me (though I disagree in the conclusion that Solar is under some "cloud of currency tensions." Yes, it's a factor, but there are other potent factors that are overlooked in this article.

    If the author really wanted to demonstrate to me the value of his giant brain, I'd like to see him address what many Chinese understand, but that so few Americans seem to, which is the critical link between availability of Energy and the development (or maintenance) of a major Economy. This will be the driver for Solar Energy, and these Solar Companies that he mentions aren't just Chinese, they're Global, and will be operating under many Currencies.

    The bottom line, though, is that as "quantitative easing" decreases the value of currencies, the price of Energy will go UP relative to those currencies.
    Oct 21, 2010. 10:42 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • China Solar Safari: Hunting for Five Value Companies [View article]
    BryBry, you should do more research before you blindly follow Jim Cramer in his FSLR right off the road and into the ditch. FSLR is in trouble, only the same analysts that love to put sell ratings on Silicon-based technology continue to refuse to talk about the real issue for FSLR, which is their dependence on Tellurium.
    Aug 10, 2009. 04:03 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Tellurium Supply Conjecture and the Future of First Solar [View instapost]
    Beautifully done. The argument is made with high credibility. I'll be interested in your book when it comes out.

    Here's my spiel on FSLR that I wrote some time ago. Your estimation of the Te supply is surely more accurate, so that should be taken into account.

    Jul 9, 2009. 01:54 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • CIGS: Will Technology Be Revealed Before Funding Dries Up? [View article]
    Interesting. Thanks!
    May 30, 2009. 02:46 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Solar Industry's Long Term Outlook [View article]
    Excellent article!
    May 1, 2009. 02:26 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Two Calculated Risks Possibly Worth Taking [View article]
    Shortsqueeze is wrong, if you're looking to know what the effective short interest levels are, because, as mentioned, Light Peng, the CEO owns about 70% of the float. He's sold a total of 3 Million Shares since the IPO, and the rest he keeps, so yeah, there's only about 35 Million shares floating for shorts to cover with.
    Dec 28, 2008. 11:58 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Two Calculated Risks Possibly Worth Taking [View article]
    SHintheCity, low polysilicon prices, and corresponding decreases in Solar prices bode well for the industry and LDK in the short term. Lower prices will bring more buyers of Solar Products, along with the Stimulus that David mentioned, as well as the 30% (no cap) Investment Tax Credit that was passed by Congress in the Bailout Bill.

    I say in the short term, because as things heat up in the long term, poly prices will undoubtedly start to increase again, and this is where LDK's in-house poly production will make the difference. While everybody else is trying to do business in an environment of increasing poly prices, LDK will have their own supply at decreasing prices.

    Also, you should know that LDK doesn't make cells, they make wafers, and their customers do the rest. As David mentioned, LDK is sold out for the year already, and many of their contracts are at a fixed price.

    Oh, and as for the crashing housing market, it's true that the homebuilders aren't building right now, and they shouldn't be. The housing glut isn't to be solved by building more houses, but a heck of alot of those workers, and the housing industry as a whole, can benefit by moving to UPGRADE some of that existing housing, in the form of value added by Solar Installation / Energy Efficiency Technology.
    Dec 28, 2008. 04:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Stocks to Buy if Obama Wins [View article]
    Alpha, as usual you are full of it. Where Obama did not vote on tax credit extensions, it wouldn't have mattered because the numbers weren't there. The most shameful failure to vote was by McCain in the most recent attempt to extend the existing credits. In that case, McCain was actually in DC, but did not supply the 60th yay vote to avoid a potential filibuster. He claimed to have to study the issue, which if true, shows that he doesn't know what's going on, and if false, puts him in direct opposition of Alternative Energy Invesment. Either way, it's an outrage.
    Sep 10, 2008. 01:24 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Geologist: In Terms of Supply and Demand, the Oil Peak Is Past [View article]
    "People continually want to blow sunshine up our exhaust pipes by using wind power. Gentlemen, we are investors and as such we are experts in the fields of energy as compared to the average American. Let us start acting and Blogging as such."

    Yes and no. Electric cars are on the way, which will allow electrical energy to be used for transport. Ultimately, Energy is Energy, no matter what form it might be in at the moment.

    Also, for an excellent Peak Oil Video that just came out today, check out This is MUST SEE.

    As for Nuclear, check out: americansolareconomy.b... Nuclear is not a viable solution. Solar, Wind, Geothermal; these will be primary sources of replacement Energy.
    Aug 23, 2008. 11:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • IPO Analysis: GT Solar - A Unique Player in the Solar Industry [View article]
    "Piper Jaffray are real analysts."

    Jul 20, 2008. 09:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Solar's Warm, But Not Hot - Barron's [View article]
    CLH - We're very close to parity right now in some place, like Italy. If the Asian Economies continue to grow and to increase demand for Oil and Coal, then Grid Parity will rise, just as manufacturing costs of Solar (and Wind) are decreasing. This is not to mention Climate Change responses like Cap and Trade, etc. Emitting Carbon is going to get very expensive soon.
    Jul 20, 2008. 05:52 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Solar's Warm, But Not Hot - Barron's [View article]
    Sorry "to FSLR is producing their own poly at $35/kg next year?" = "to FSLR, when LDK is producing their own poly at $35/kg next year?"
    Jul 20, 2008. 03:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment