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  • The Secret To Surviving Today's Unpredictable Stock Market  [View article]
    We are witnessing before our eyes the decline of the USD and "The of Diminishing Returns" as the market DIA QQQ SPY had a ghost rally on some of the lightest volume and downward revisions across the board to appease Wall Street.
    LNVGY.PK is a Chinese based company that have taken market share from DELL HPQ INTC AMD etc as these companies have never came back to their value. Lenovo is no the No.3 PC maker in the World.
    That is one sector. We have GOOG so China made BIDU China has NOC LMT BA technology and their own stealth fighter.
    This has been the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in HISTORY
    We have CEOs who come and go and pinch pennies for their quarterly earnings with these short term outlook and no long term view on the Horizon.
    This is a Major problem that many have yet to realize as these CEOs who come and go and create NO real GROWTH and these CEOs should be paid based on performance and preserving our Intellectual Property which may be to late.
    China has the fastest supercomputer in the World just as a reference.
    China has U.S. technology along with Japan and the EU as we cannot discount all this incoming technology has given China FXI the YINN and YANG of a real solid fundamental Ecosystem as they plan a trip to the Moon and are building their OWN Chinese Space Station.
    They lead the U.S. in renewable technology as well and They are just warming up as they study the U.S. and understand history they have openly stated the The Yuan CNY should be The World Reserve Currency and replace the USD
    For a long term outlook we have not built anything in 1/2 a Century.
    We need to create A NATIONAL SMART GRID INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN and revive our economy.
    Our own U.S. Corpoorations sitting on TRILLIONS in cash can donate as a Tax Deduction with money so cheap We need to think BIG again and for heaven sake some outside the box thinking is what MADE America!
    This will create jobs, spark innovation, reduce energy costs, increase consumer spending and increase the household savings rate.
    More than 50% of Americans are now dying broke or with little to no money. It's disgraceful and if our dysfunctional government does not get their act together on BOTH side there will be no party politics because the Party is OVER!
    One thing is certain if we do not make change we will have our own Greek Tragedy!
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  • Why Silver's 'Scarcity' Isn't A Bullish Sign  [View article]
    Tell that to someone years ago about palladium PALL PAL SWC when F bought a ton of it.
    You are correct about it being a commodity. I worked at MS and as electronics get thinner and slimmer when you have a company like AAPL NEC or any other corporation that uses SLV for what products they sell the ONE THING a company like GE BA NOC LMT will not want is disruption in their supply chain.
    I think SLV is the most undervalued commodity over the long term and as population grows there is demand for USO UNG UGAZ GLD etc.
    Let's not forget we are 16 TRILLION IN DEBT and for the first time in U.S. History the USD is in question.
    Even the Greeks do not want our UUP UUPT
    Canada does not want our Currency
    They will however take the CNY so does RSX EWJ Brazil BRIC nations will take the yuan and so are U.S. Corporations
    China is setting their stage and are now putting GLD and SLV ETFs on the Shanghai and Shenzen Composites which will most likely be PHYS backed UGLD USLV as they study history and our country is being run by baby boomers who have in one shot manged to have more bubbles in the DIA QQQ SPY in the last 15 years and the S&P has gone nowhere in the last 13 years.
    It's become a trading game for BAC JPM MS BNY USB WFC which approx 5-6 of our largest banks hold 77% of ALL U.S. Assets.
    Their next target will be pension funds and insurance policies.
    We give OIL USO UCO Entilements over NASA who has created satellite telecom microprocessors solar and many other things that went to military and eventually came to the private sector and created GRASS ROOT GROWTH right here in America.
    Now our party politics of Governement are as dysfunctional as they have ever been. Quite simply. The party is OVER.
    What do you think would happen if the front page of EVERY Newspaper across America said the USD is no longer The World Reserve Currency.
    When you speak of money yes we need it but look at UDN and where the USD has gone in just a few years with GASS that was almost 1/2 the price just a few years ago.
    It's all about the bucks and if we do not clean our own backyard $$$ flows will go out of the USD into the CNY which will increase in value and create wealth of China FXI is mass proportion and our quality of life will Diminish
    China knows exactly what they are doing
    Estimated forecast by 2040 Chinas Economy will be approx 120 TRILLION DOLLARS.
    They will make up 40% of THE WORLDS GDP
    America will make up approx 14% of the worlds GDP and it will be THE GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HISTORY.
    Because Corporations like GE BA LMT DOW CSCO NOC AAPL DELL HPQ MSFT ORCL all chopping at the bit to get a piece of the pie and giving up their Intellectual Property Rights which is their most valuable commodity.
    You have interm CEOs who come and go and pinch pennies to appease shareholders for short term gains with no real long term value
    Example China copies GOOG with BIDU
    LNVGY.PK is now the 3rd largest PC maker taking Intellectual property from companies such as INTC AMD WFR NANO DDD SZYM
    This is just the beginning
    When I want t o invest Long Term I have to worry more about the jockey than I do the horse
    GLD SLV is and always will be a preservation of Wealth and has been over 5000 years.
    Do ya really think Warren Buffett is going to come and say he owns PHYS UGLD and USLV SLV DBS CEF ?
    What do you think?
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  • Silver: The King Of Monetary Stimulus  [View article]
    Great Article. About time some economic sense. Despite the QE 123 Twist you need not to look far. I worked at MS had my Series 31 to trade commodities futures contracts currencies etc.
    You can look at a chart of the USD UDN UUP UUPT and a 2nd grader can read it and the higher our debt is growing so is the price of PSLV GLD SLV SGOL IAU AGQ DBS CEF and I'm a bullish trader on NUGT GDXJ GDX AUY GPL HL SZYM DDD which are all in my stock recs and NANO
    We are witnessing before our eyes "The Law of Diminshing Returns" with constant downward revsions of companies that trade on the DIA QQQ SPY as many corporations doing business onj China are giving up their most precious commodity which is their intellectual property and will and has already taking away market share. LNVGY.PK is now NO.3 as the worlds largest PC maker. China has their own version of AAPL they have their owns version of GOOG which is BIDU and FB is not there.
    Some of the most respected economist talk about this.
    It is estimated by 2040 China GDP will be approx 120 TRILLION USD and will make up 40% of the Worlds GDP and the U.S. will only make up 14% of the worlds GDP
    If you look at the overall picture and study history Thomas Jefferson said "Banks can do more Harm than Standing Armies"
    Today when you invest in any individual stock you truly have to worry just as much about the jockey as you do the horse.
    Our deficits being over 16 TRILLION not including unfunded liabilities and now starting to see municipalities go bankrupt it's very dangerous that just several of our largest banks BAC USB WFC JPM and maybe a few others hold approx 77% of ALL U.S. Assets.
    Someone who is 35 looking to invest as preservation of wealth PSLV PALL PTM PPLT SLV GLD UGLD USLV PHYS should certainly be part of the portfolio. Great article
    Unfortunately we have a dysfunctional government that leads to political gridlock of party politics and forget we are ALL American FIRST.
    We have not done anything or created anything in over 1/2 a Century. If we do not open our eyes China is waiting and they are patient and study us and our history of Military and political views and FXI The YINN and YANG with have the CNY take over the USD as The World Reserve Currency.
    Look at where UNG was just a few years ago UGAZ DIG DUG USO UCO was almost 1/2 the price.
    If we do not do something and heaven forbid some outside the box thinking like A National Smart Grid we will have our OWN GREEK TRAGEDY!
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  • Lenovo Doubles Q1 Profits, Now World's No. 3 PC Vendor  [View article]
    LNVGY.PK is a shame Americans are not familiar with this company as China FXI YINN and YANG as they are taking market share away from DELL HPQ INTC AMD MSFT ORCL as they just copy their software hardware telecom with their own AAPL store that they open. This is just the PC sector and is the beginning of "The Law of Dimisnhing Returns"
    You have real iceos who come and go not basing their pay on performance or growth of the nation sitting on TRILLIONS paying out SDIV when they will no longer be able to because there is NO Grass Roots Growth here in America.
    X US Steel CSCO SPY QQQ DIA have gone nowhere in over 13 years yet you have CEOs with no accountability based o n performance
    BA NOC LMT will be next as China FXI steals these companies most precious commodity which is their Intellectual Property for short term gains and NO Long term horizon. They come and go and sign 2-3 Billion dollars contracts and saves China hundreds of millions into Billions of R&D which has always been our backbone and we are losing it. China will makes planes at 1/3 the price and and construction equipment of the likes of CAT DE MTW
    Michael E. Porter Dean of Harvard Business School and Author has wrote many books and NYT Author Thomas Friedman has also written about what's to come.
    Yet we have dysfunction Governement on BOTH sides of the isle and people need to remember we are AMERICANS FIRST !
    Party Politics of Democrat or Republican. The Party is OVER!
    Just 3 years ago UNG UGAZ LNG DIG DUG OIL USO at the pump was approx $2.00
    For the First time in U.S. History we have been downgraded including all banks XLF BAC JPM GS USB while China banks were upgraded.
    China has the fastest supercomputer in the World
    China is No.1 in owning Most GLD SLV GDX GDXJ GLTR GLDX Miners and Mines that have yet to be mined.
    They have openly stated that the USD should be replaced and the CNY should overtake the USD
    It is estimated that by 2040 China GDP will beapprox 120 TRILLION DOLLARS and will make up 40% of the Entire Worlds GDP
    Its estimated that the United States will only make up 14% of the worlds economy and yet there is so much we can do.
    The FACT that we chose OIL Entitlements over NASA is disgrace to our Country and our Nations History while China FXI is building their OWN Space Station and sending their own people to the moon.
    FXI RSX Russia in the mix we will be in a Resource War from DBA JJA JJG DBC NUGT GLD SLV
    Americaenergyindependence states FACT if we covered 6% of the land mass in AZ or South Belt Reion of the U.S. and covered it with Solar KWT LDK STP YGE CLNE we would electrify the Entire Country. If they were even off a few decimals than we can put Wind Turbines from coast to coast PWND FAN SI BWEN AONE CLNE NANO OPTT TSLA is the Direction we should be headed.
    This would secure our National Security on Energy decrease our energy costs which would increase consumer spending that would help lower our deficit and the National Household Savings rate which is at a LOW.
    The system has been designed to extract as much as they can out of every American and it's time to create A NATIONAL SMART GRID INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT of the largest scale EVER SEEN.
    America has done nothing in over 1/2 a Century.
    How in 1936 we built The Hoover Dam which came under budget and ahead of schedule produces Over 6 BILLION kwts of Electricty a Year. Instead we are still drilling one one liquid GOLD of USO UCO XOM SLB HAL
    A Quantum Leap in Technology over 70 years later between PHO can and will create jobs and innovation.
    One thing is certain. If we do nothing as China buys all PHYS GOLD and SILVER SIL PSLV PTM PPLT PALL REMX which China already has a monopoly on REE and hacking into our OIL GASS Exploration fields which they had a CNBC special on CHINA HACKING AMERICA from CIA FBI And many other government agencies
    Its time we clean up our own backyard OR
    We as a Nation will have our OWN Greek Tragedy!
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  • Looking To Greece For Stock Market Wisdom  [View article]
    There are many more forces at between Central Banks, the Fed, QE3 I'm always optimistic of America but you have a better chance of seeing Moses split the Red Sea before Congress enacts anything.
    Every American should not care of party politics no more. The party is OVER.
    FACT- 79% of Congress in the late 90s all became lobbyists - Bloomberg
    Every politician on BOTH sides have their own agenda and it's not for the People or by the People.
    It's for the Corporations and by the Corporations who fund and bought our politicians with their BS Foundations and BS Organizations and it's ALL BS
    Now we have a market The DIA SPY QQQ where when I am thinking of investing I have to worry as much about the jockey as I do about the horse. The jockeys are now the real ICEOs who come and go and pinch pennies with no GRASS ROOT GROWTH and more important compensation of Mass proportion with NO ACCOUNTABILITY.
    It should be performance based. I look at GOOG because Larry Page is behind the wheel and yes I worry of AAPL long term.
    Steve Jobs was the Modern Day Thomas Edison and books will be written about him for many years.
    Elon musk from TSLA should get much more credit as he defied the ENTIRE Detroit Auto Industry of F and GM which GM is being run by the same old gang and if China was not buying the stock would drop to the floor and has already dropped because there is no innovation.
    You have a ICEO Ackerson at GM and horrible same old gang of management. They created the Volt that was supposed to revolutionize the auto industry and they have not even sold 10,000 of these cars when they projected a much higher figure which gives you a glimpse of how disconnected they are.
    We have fierce competition and GM made the EV-1 in the Mid 90s and they took them back meanwhile there was a backlog to buy these vehicles and they scrapped it.
    TM Toyota got so scared they created the hybrid and now is the largest car company in the world and GM went bankrupt and making muscle cars from the 1960s again. Great!
    Elon Musk has revolutioned and did what everyone said could not be done and if GM should succeed they should give him the job.
    He would have the ability to lower cost production on EV and Hev vehicles because he is a visionary.
    He created Space X and was the first private sector rocket to fly to space and dock at the International Space Station with a payload.
    Being that the original CEO of GM was fired by the President of The United States of America is a first in history.
    Now multiply that times how many corporations have ICEOs with no stake in these companies and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.
    I believe we will see some mergers and acquisition starting in USO UCO GLD and SLV space as well as REE with AUY buying XG and JAG being a DIA in the rough trading in and out of HL NUGT Will be looking into 2nd half of the GDX GDXJ REMX space COPX DBA as the MOO COW and agriculture ETFs that would most likely outpace inflation with rising population.
    We need momentum and I hear CEOs saying less demand or no growth. It's like which came first The Chicken or The Egg?
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  • The 'Smartest Man In Europe' Likes Gold  [View article]
    Speaking of Prozac and many people not understanding the severity of manipulating the LIBOR this article should also preclude Naked Short Selling which can also manipulate the Market itself the big boys and institutions who play with our money (not mine) and leave the crumbs of a few percentage points can write naked options and leverage them from infinity and beyond. GS JPM MS BAC STT etc. If people only knew. Especially W-2 Employees who work hard day in day out and allocate their money to all these mutual funds and ETFs ETNs MLPs and on and on. When somone says Soros or Paulson bought Gold or have a stake in PG KO wet etc just as example it's not their money. It's YOURS / OURS. LIBOR is just the tip of the iceberg and the banks are the ones who bought our government to write these laws.
    As if a congressman or a senator on either side of the isle knows what a derative is or MBS-Mortgage Back Security CDS-Credit Default Swap.
    It's a DISGRACE and our Government was purchased for pennies on the USD
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  • 3 Overvalued Stocks Investors May Want To Avoid When Applying Graham's Number  [View article]
    Your numbers are way off. HL just bought back its own stock and increased its dividend. The entire GDXJ space and REMX space is out of favor and that's when I buy.
    I worked at MS simple rule buy on rumor and sell on news. HL was $10-12 in 2008 when SLV and GLD was actual lower.
    Their Lucky Mine has temporarily been shut down and will resume which has much PSLV and IAU byproduct
    You also forget about several mines that they will start drilling which is still out but they own them
    By the way HL has been in business for over 100 years and is Americas largest SIL producer.
    Today AUY just bought XG and I wrote in my blog of the entire space.
    There will be money to be made in the GDXJ space from PAL TC GLDX when the flow of funds start coming into the space GDX GLTR and the REMX space as there is no question we are in a resource war with China who now is the No.1 largest owner of GLD and SLV mines. Even property that has not been dug up yet.
    The U.S. has never been in this position as FXI China Finance Minister openly stated that the USD is hot money and they want to replace the USD with the Yuan CNY as the World Reserve Currency.
    Most respected economists from GS JPM C MS BAC China will eventually surpass the U.S. as the largest economy in the world.
    Long term GLD and SLV still remains bullish and with our 16 TRILLION Dollar Deficit not including unfunded liabilities and now starting to see municipalities going bankrupt just starting in CA there will be more to follow and the USD is at risk. China has already made Curency pacts with the BRIC countries no longer settling in dollars. They are buying OIL direct from Iran.
    Unless we clean our own backyard we will have our own Greek Tragedy and China is betting on it.
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  • Forget About QE3, Look To The 'Fiscal Cliff' For Gold's Next Big Move  [View article]
    You hit the nail on the head but here's what your missing and why GLD and SLV may increase.
    I use to work on Wall Street with several liscences and if you ask 10 economist on where the DIA QQQ SPY all these economists on CNBC you will have 20 different answers.
    It is our debt. All you need to do is look at the chart of our debt and the decline of thebusd value and the increase of PSLV and PHYS IAU / GOLD it's all there and a 2nd grader can read it.
    The higher the debt and dysfunction in our Government on BOTH sides the less confidence countries will have in our currency.
    We got lucky with the eu and the EUO where Money flows went into the dollar however China is forming currency pacts with the BRIC Nations as well as Japan and China being the No. 1 Largest Owner of Gold Mines in the World there actions speak for themselves. They think long term and our government thinks about each election cycle.
    In Europe they pay alot more for UNG that would put the U.S. straight into recession.
    The eu total deficit is 5.8 Trillion so we are running a deficit almost 3 times of the ENTIRE EU with a corrupt and dysfunctional government on BOTH sides.
    The greatest fear is China has been very open about the Yuan CNY replacing the USD as The World Reserve Currency.
    Money flows would pour into the Yuan increasing the value with Beijing having to lift a finger or policy and our Quality of Life would Diminish. Never in U.S. History have we been in this position. The very fact our politicians chose OIL Entitlements over NASA is a DISGRACE to all of us.
    As far as trading you can look at my stock recs NUGT is a great trading vehicle and the UVXY TVIX HL and GDXJ. Long term portfolio durations will no longer exist like my Grandfathers generation. Now you have to bet on the jockey as much as you have to bet on the horse on many occasions when buying long term. GE DUK PFE ED CSCO AAPL GOOG TSLA or F IAU for GOLD has a lower expense ratio then GLD but if your trading options in GLD is much more liquid.
    We are all American First.
    It's time we clean our own backyard otherwise we will have our own Greek Tragedy.
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  • The Traders Did It!  [View article]
    Everyone who works for a living and has some time of 401k or Pension Plan that invest into Mutual Funds or ETFs ETNs and any other security is using the people's money.
    I was a Broker and Trader at MS and when you hear George Soros investing or Einhorn Fink Paulson they are not using their personal money.
    They are using yours.
    They make million trading everyday and the average investor is left with the crumbs. These are the Big Players that move the markets and the playing field has changed.
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  • The 'Smartest Man In Europe' Likes Gold  [View article]
    NUGT was and still is cheap. My stock rec I was in @ 7.92 premarket and is extremely volatile and great for trading. If you do well enough in it maybe even a longer term hold if you have the stomach. The VIIX VXX XIV UVXY and TVIX is also volatile but a way to HDGE your portfolio if Your an active trader.
    For the 1st time since 2008 Corporate earnings have downward revisions which is not good on the DIA QQQ SPY and when the markets crashed there was no safe haven but the GREATEST buying opportunity we had seen with F @ 1.62 GE @ 6 IP @ 5 The list goes on. SDS SPXU SQQQ SDOW DXD are all short ETFs
    I've never seen a market like this watching the UDN and UUP will give you an idea where the market will trade for the day.
    In many cases when the USD is up the market is down and vice versa which creates no innovation and is not a healthy market.
    Michael E. Porter Harvard Professor has made comment on this and he has written many books.
    USO 2 weeks ago was up over 10% and as long as OIL is at these levels along with our 16 TRILLION deficit I would think the GLD SLV prices will maintain around levels longing PHYS UGL PTM PALL and very undervalued REMX space of REE s. some of their byproducts is UGLD
    The GDX GDXJ GLDX space is cheap and you can see in my stock recs I cost avg into HL @ 3.85 being the largest producer of SLV in the U.S. recently did a stock buyback and increased their dividend
    What frightens me the most and should frighten every American is China FXI They have been very outspoken of the USD no longer being The World Reserve Currency and they want to replace it with the Yuan CNY
    If this happens imagine the front page of every newspaper and the after effect of that as the USD would most likely see a further decline where PMs GLD and SLV USO as our purchasing power would decline and we would only hope to see $4-5 at the pump as they have been use to in EUO Zone.
    I hope that day never comes.
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  • Rare Earth Elements: The Technology Metals  [View article]
    China is on a Mission for Global Domination from Resources of REMX and got exactly what they wanted. Huge jump in prices where the U.S. put MCP right back to work
    Mondaythey will have a Special on CNBC about China hacking into U.S. Corporations from OIL to GLD SLV PALL PTM companies and they are now No. 1 in owning the most GOLD PHYS SIVR even mines that have not been drilled into yet and they are paying premiums in their CNY currency
    They have made it clear and have openly stated that the USD should no longer be The World Reserve Currency and the YINN and YANG of FXI China wants to replace the USD with their Yuan.
    They have been encouraging their citizens to buy SLV and GLD and use some of our Old tactics from the Cold War right to present.
    If the USD is no longer the World Reserve Currency and we loose this status which most economist forecast they AGAIN will get exactly what they wanted.
    Higher PMs prices as you can imagine on the front page of every American Newspaper will cover this story and many people will open their eyes and start to understand the importance of currencies.
    The EUO Zone pays much more than we do
    It's a shame GM F have not smarten up and GM management is horrible. Without the Chinese they would be hurting.
    Our politicians are Corrupt and they chose to give OIL Entitlements than NASA. That is a DISGRACE to every American and sad in our American History as NASA has created Telecom, Satellites, Solar, The Microprocessor which eventually went to the Private Sector and created GRASS ROOTS JOBS in America.
    Watching that XOM Exxon Commercial on TV reminds me of the old magazine ads with the Doctors that prefered to smoke Camels over Marlboro because they said it was better for you.
    It's a joke and companies like TSLA AONE FB still bring hope. I'm not including AAPL MSFT INTC GOOG ORCL because China has stolen their Intellectual Property along with many other Companies with U.S. EU and Japanese Technology they are far more advanced than many people think. I would debate any economist on CNBC as The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History took place as China has stolen our most Precious of ALL which is our Intellectual Property.
    The USD is at risk which would certainly bring DBA DBC GLD SLV PTM PALL prices increase and as China being the Worlds Largest Owner of These Mining Fields they will get exactly what they want with higher prices of Gold and Silver. They think Long Term.
    We think each election cycle and real iceos who come and go and run some of Americas Largest Corporations with Nice Pay Days and NO ACCOUNTABILITY
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  • Why Carl Icahn Is A Better Value Investor Than Buffett: 5 Oil And Gas Stocks To Drive Returns  [View article]
    Your article is certainly open for debate and helpful to keep our investing minds open to new ideas.
    However Warren Buffett and the books that have been written about him and how many people created their wealth and became Millionaires in just following Buffetts investments over the years.
    I think Buffett iis getting in his older age and worries for America and he knows what goes on behind closed doors with corporate lobbyists and sees the corruption
    He made an investment in FSLR as no matter what we all can agree Solar KWT which is The Solar ETF that trades on the market is going to be part of our energy needs
    Warren Buffett sees this and knows it. He use to own SLV back in the 80s and I'm sure he has PHYS GLD and PSLV SLV but imagine if he said that?
    GLD would most likely hit 2000 an ounce in a week.
    I don't think you can say the same for Icahn
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  • 3 Reasons The Market Could Plunge Next Week  [View article]
    The SPY at 1400 for a trader may have resistance at those levels and may want to HDGE with SDS as the DIA QQQ and SPY ran and ran fast with one of the best months the market has seen in over 10 years in a SINGLE MONTH and the market always has an opportunity.
    As an Investor the power of compounding interest and dividend payouts on good solid companies do better than many day traders over the long term.
    GE SNY VZ T CAT DE DBC BA PFE MRK GSK DOW IBM INTC MSFT BRK.B or BRK.A JNJ DUK ED SO NLY AGNC AMLP etc (no particular favorite other than some of the blue chips that pay healthy dividends over time however some REITs are only good in a low interest rate environment) and for those who invest in ETFs and mutual funds I would recommend to look at the expense ratios.
    They may appear small but add up over time.
    Being a former broker on Wall Street they take your money when you invest it into mutual funds and ETFs and trade it all day long and investors have to look at their portfolios in shorter durations.
    This is not the 50s of the buy and hold although some will be ahead but moving with the times which are moving much faster in the EEM space as well.
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  • EU oil sanctions on Iran come into full force today as exemptions on some contracts and tanker insurance - which has been key in enforcing the embargo - expire. The IEA has forecast that the measures will remove around 1M bpd from oil markets. Brent oil surged 7.05% on Friday and WTI jumped 9.3%, although that was attributed to short covering following the EU summit deal.   [View news story]
    Iran Sanctions are a joke as China spits in our face FXI buying USO direct in the currency pacts they have formed. With Iran Brazil Russia Japan etc and more will follow as the USD can be at great risk if we do not clean our own backyard.
    As long as there are high deficits and we rely on OIL with prices that may spike you will see PMs GLD SLV PSLV GDX GDXJ NUGT and many miners and PHYS UGLD at sustained prices as we have seen this year.
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  • How Natural Gas Stimulates The Economy  [View article]
    Cheap Natural Gas should play a role. It's not the be all end all and wait until that goes mainstream and Wall Street gets their hands on trading it once we are in production mode and it's at every gas station.
    According to all OIL Barrons that would be switching into UNG then you will see price increases. I belong to The Pickens Plan and support it completely.
    The point is going from one liquid gold to another is not going to solve ALL our energy needs. They will trade UNG just as they did USO and futures contracts. I worked at MS and was Liscenses with my Series 7, 63 , 31 along with a few other liscences which is to trade Commodities , Currencies , Futures. Etc
    If you think I do not know what I'm talking about just look at my stock recommendations. XCO CHK TVIX as a trade and HDGE BAC and the GDX GDXJ GLDX NUGT When the headlines talks it down in most cases is the best time to buy. That's the easy part. The DIA QQQ SPY has gone NOWHERE in 10 years.
    And if people are that ignorant to say it can't be done that how in The World did America create the Hoover Dam in 1936 which produces more than 6 BILLION KW of Electricity a year! Off Hydropower. The simple flow of water PHO
    We had a Quantum Leap in Technology since then and FDR Eisenhower Theodore Roosevelt would make this TOP priority.
    You can see for yourself at americanenergyindepend... shows if you cover 6% of AZ land mass with Solar it would electrify the U.S. We solve our National Security in Energy and give PERMANENT STIMULUS to every household in America and Business. Your outcome would be The National Savings Rate will increase, Consumer Spending will increase and Innovation we ROAR back. Every household would pay a rate to keep the grid or grids with maintence, upgrades and whatever else needs to be done.
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