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  • Bank Of America: Fortune Favors The Bold  [View article]
    BAC breakdown was well written. I traded BAC cost averaged at 5.50 and sold most at 9 and held some profits for share.
    I've been VERY critical of Brian Moynihan who is THE worst CEO in the industry. I was a broker at MS and the buy on Merrill Lynch was a GIFT.
    The one thing thats left out in this is the TRILLIONS lost in shareholder value along with the TRILLIONS lost in Merrill Lynch. The numbers are staggering if added all up to the people who were employed there over the years. There wealth and dividend income that they relied on is gone. Multiply that with AIG GM X. It's "The Law of Diminishing Returns"
    As far as trading it 6 would be a good entry. The markets Have already seen an increase in the VIIX on the EUO and bank runs. Bank stocks had had somewhat of a rally on the DIA QQQ SPY and we are reaching some critical technical levels. Fortune does favor the bold and we are starting to see some accumulation in the GDX GDXJ GLDX and NUGT which have been at the lows they have every been since January and when they go they go. As far as Americas BAC and GM these are iCEOs who have no accountability or stake in these companies and thy will come and go. BAC is a Gold Mine if they start actually working with their customers who have the ability to make payments then capital inflows will start to flow in and had this happened this would be a $20 stock in a cuople of years or less. Bad Management that needs restructuring. WFC worked with their customers and overhauled approx 800k homeowners and look at the stock price. BAC only needs to follow through with their model and there is upside potential. We already have valuations come down and there is GRASS ROOTS GROWTH right here in America.
    Our Corporations that have TRILLIONS sitting on the sidelines with the unemployment rate distorted through one of the greatest recessions we have seen since the 1930s.
    Our Country is 15 TRILION+ in debt with nothing to show for it
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  • How Natural Gas Stimulates The Economy  [View article]
    This is not the days of the Reagan Era anymore.
    You see, when you invest your money in a mutual fund that money gets washed around like a Super Spin Cycle washing machine. As they said in the movie Wall Street " We are all drinking the same juice". Look at the Forbes Billionaire List. In Russia they are into resources, China is Manufacturing and the U.S. is Hedge Funds and Money Managers. It's quite simple. Just read it. I didn't write it. I analyze it.
    We need solutions. So I'm through with you in that respect. The DIA SPY QQQ have gone nowhere in 10 years. I'm still waiting for the World Trade Center which will not be as big and it will only be 1 building so I can see my skyline again. It's been over 10 years!
    With interest rates so low we should be funding projects of mass proportion. This lack of demand, uncertainty, the economy. No BIG business and Corporate America is on a tear branching out. Just not here. They are firing people here. China has 5 out of the 10 largest buildings in the World.
    Education has in FACT turn Coporation leaving students with 2 TRILLION dollars of outstanding debt and half has gone delinquent! This is a DISGRACE! Unless every student becomes a Neurologist our education system is an Absolute disgrace.
    Did anyone in the prior generation had to face such harsh realities as a kid ? We are only talking about 20 years!
    A REAL GENUINE SOLUTION. Energy costs are rising at a rate much faster than inflation. The automakers and Bob Lutz at GM sounds like a broken record. He's been saying the same old BS he's been saying for YEARS!
    James Woolsey former director of the CIA even says OIL is one of the biggest threats to this nation and our national security. The black gold can cripple us. UNG is not the be all answer. Those are just the CEOs and the oil and gas Barron's who want to make money. It's certainly part of our solution but does not solve the problem.
    A NATIONAL SMART GRID. Americaneneryindependence has showed proven FACT that if we cover 6% of AZ or Southern Region which gets the most sun and heat it would electrify America.
    This should be NO Surprise.
    In 1936 when The Hoover Dam was built it came in under budget and on time. The Dam as stated in my previous Comment produces 6 BILLION KW of Electricty every year.
    I was shocked when the CEO of DUK energy came on and building another KOL plant. They should have a much more diverse energy portfolio. But it's all about the quarterly earnings and the REAL iceos who come and go and pinch pennies for small profit to satisfy Wall Street. Then you have small home grown Companies with breakthrough technology that do not have access to capital such as companies like FCEL VLNC CPST OPTT RTK NANO and the list goes on. GE DUK DOW can buy these and many more but people do not know China FXI has been forming their JVs and these companies that are so desperate for money are giving in and they just take ground breaking technology. I mean come on. Do you really think Jeff Immelt at GE is looking. It's sad and CEOs need accountability.
    The government which I couldn't care who like Dems Reps it's all irrelevant.
    A NATIONAL SMART GRID bigger than anything we have done since Eisenhower did the Interstate Highway System that so many people opposed and look at the outcome that opened commerce and trade and an expansion into America that allowed the flow of goods and created jobs as people went to take risk.
    Today this technology is here. OPTT literally creates energy underwater from the currents so if people have an issue with the blades and rather have a rotted rusted black coil spring electric grid with a bobwire fence around it instead and find that more appealing I would be shocked and I'm iin NYC.
    A NATIONAL SMART GRID would give PERMANENT STIMULUS to every household. Again, nothing is Free so households pay a flate rate for maintenance, upgrades, repairs etc. This would create more jobs and Innovation than ever before. The people have been choked and what will the 1% do without the 99% that has been chocked, squeezed, and the future costs that will come with stagnate wages since1980.
    This will increase The National Savings Rate, Increase Consumer Spending and decrease our long term deficits and take care of Americas National Security on Energy.
    I would debate this on CNBC anytime for America, I still say the Corruption in the Governent is Rampant in our face.
    Oil Entitlements Over NASA is a DISGRACE to our Country and our American History
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  • Bank Of America: Fortune Favors The Bold  [View article]
    They are still up and as long as there is the low interest rate environment it's ok for some diversification and they have already had some capital appreciation as well as an attractive yield.
    REITs and Telecoms. The ones you do not hear about on the news will do great. FTE TEF TI BT have been beaten down with their markets. FTE cut their SDIV but as far as REITs there is also GRT NCT DCT ABR MSW HCN TWO ARR are also a few others and some healthcare REITs and diverse if you look at my recent stock recommendations companies like DUK MCD KO PFE SNY for some diversity and capital appreciation. The EUO Zone I play with caution and I trade the VIIX TVIX XIV and the most undervalued companies in the DIA QQQ SPY is the GLD and SLV miners in the GDX GDXJ GLDX NUGT space. Companies are doing stock buy backs and increasing their SDIV. Example If you look at the chart of HL in 2008 when GLD was roughly 800 an ounce and SLV may have been roughly 12 dollars an ounce the stock was over 10 per share without a
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  • Precious Metals And Miners Bottoming As Facebook Debut Flops  [View article]
    I'm in NUGT at 7.92. If the TVIX falls back to that 6-7 range I'm may HDGE because the EUO zone is an unknown and there will be no safe haven. HL and JAG which Sprott and Sun Valley Gold has HUGE positions in. HL is one of the most undervalued of them all. Even if you compare it to AUY. Before the 2008 sell off when GLD was around 800 and SLV was around 10 -12 dollars the stock was at 10 and climbing. They just announced share buyback and paying a increase in the dividend when they weren't paying one at all. RBY TC GLDX GDX GDXJ are near their lows which means these traders and funds are accumulating GGGG and RING are ETFs but I would be more cautious with these as they are not very well funded with light volume and you still have SIL PYHS PSLV IAU GLD UGL DBS UGLD USLV AGQ CEF and some great individual names with great growth. SLW AEM ABX GFI and a little one that I may dive into WFEMF.PK which BRK.A invested $80 MILLION dollars into the company and the list goes on. We are in a race for Resource and Energy. I was a broker at MS and never saw such an undervalued play but remember these guys move the markets. The institutions, hedge funds and the boys down at the street make the markets. There not talking about the Miners much so that is a good sign. After that start chanting the sector is a buy just dump it. Try to keep some for the long term.
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  • Bank Of America: Fortune Favors The Bold  [View article]
    You don't get it. You can show charts, graphs, beta, ebitda, analysts, commentators, headlines, this can certainly be fortune favors the bold. I bought NUGT @ 7.92 pre market this morning when cnbc was talking GLD going to 1200 and it was up almost 14% today. TVIX @ 7 which are all in my stock talks but if you get a Greek fall out its unknown and if we all had a crystal ball there would be no market. I own BAC cost average at 5.50. I just d o the opposite on what the news says. Look at the beta and eps on VGZ HL PAAS AG it makes BAC look expensive. GE I own at 16 and change. I'm sticking with NUGT even though it's more of a trading vehicle and you can bet the TVIX during election may go up even though historically there has been a rally. I use to get paid for giving stock pics BAC is a trade and long term, I would expect volatility in the VIIX which your already seeing creeping back up. Look at TVIX this month and told people to keep their : on it. Well that's done well. Residential REITs is a no BRAINER with a strong rental market and low rates there is CMO IVR MFA RSO some people like CIM and of course NLY and AGNC. I like telecoms now. Due to the hysteria in the EUO FTE is dirt cheap TI TEF SNY which Buffet has a stake in. If the EUO falls and the entire market falls there is no safe haven like in 2008. GLD SLV DIA QQQ SPY all came apart. Maybe we see it maybe we don't. Fortune does favor the bold aka No risk No reward.
    I don't care if someone is a democrat or republican but I'm an American and on BOTH sides of the isle is Corruption Super PACs which if anybody really understood the ole saying it takes money to make money? Well Super Pacs are entities and they are not for the people or by the people.
    A Divided House is No House at ALL.
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  • Not So Golden Years: How An Aging Society Can Impact The Markets  [View article]
    Boy, You Baby Boomers Sure had it All figured Out. It w as your. Parents My grandparents both in WWII that led to the most thriving economy in them world.
    Generation X and Y Simply go to the FACTS
    Americaenergyindepende... shows 4-6% of the land mass covered with Solar would Electrify AMERICA
    If their off a few decimals then you throw wind turbines along the coast like every other country is doing.
    Oh yes then there is HYDROPOWER. That was technology we used in 1936!
    The Hoover Dam produces more than 6 BILLIOM KW of Electricity a YEAR.
    A Quantum Leap in technology. GM had an all electric car in the early 90s. Jack Nicholson was driving a car that ran on steam but when GM came out with the EV-1 TM ran frantic thus created the hybrid. TM is now the largest car company in the world and GM and F went back to their grass roots. NOTHING. They know how to make cars that run on 80 mpg for YEARS.
    Bob Lutz as GM committed crime selling his stock as an insider and coming out publicly that GM is going to be fine and the Volt will catapult them into the 21st Century. I'll be glad to say they have not even sold 10,000 Volt cars.
    FACT- We have averaged 800 new regulations every year fot the last 20 years. Thanks Baby Boomers.
    Then you decide to turn THE most important thing to the future of the America and our youth and our children's futures.
    You decide to turn EDUCATION into CORPORATION. With rising costs of food, gas, insurance, taxes, rules, regulations, every empire has crumbled within.
    For an investment thesis people will have to look at their portfolios in much shorter durations. FACT - 70+ % of ALL mutual funds do not even outperform the SPY
    The USD is going to have its consequences if Baby Boomers that sitting in our Nations Capitol of Washington DC most of which were lawyers, village and county supervisors who never earned their own paycheck and have NO clue that small business in America Employs most Americans.
    I hear lack of Demand, Uncertainty, can't this can't that.
    What came first the chicken or the Egg?
    The United States needs to do something big again. Nothing has been done in 1/2 a Century.
    We need A National Smart Grid Infrastructure Plan where our trucks can run on UNG and battery and cars run battery.
    Take utility companies OUT. We have the technology to be FREE.
    LDK STP FSLR TSLA I share the vision of the Future of Elon Musk.
    Sure maybe every household pays a flate rate bill to maintain and do upgrades as needed.
    Do that and you get your money back. We are over 15 TRILLION in debt with nothing to show for it.
    With a project like this you secure our National Energy needs and give permanent stimulus to every household in America.
    In return you will see an increase in our National Saving rate and an increase in consumer spending which would help cut our deficits in the Long Term
    Politicians think each election and the real iceos think by the quarter but NOBODY is thinking LONG TERM.
    If we do not start stocks on the DIA QQQ SPYbwill trade tandem with their or near book value due to lack of any growth and as those multiples come down so will prices just like in Europe.
    Our banks were downgraded Chinas banks were upgraded last month - Bloomberg
    JPM along with 4 other banks hold approx 70+% of ALL U.S. Assets.
    And people are more worried about healthcare were AETNA JNJ PFE GSK will have to compete rather than dominate and actually use cures instead of helping symptoms. After all healthcare is 1/3 the Economy.
    So all said and done the S&P has gone nowhere in 10 years
    All large Corporations that are sitting with TRILLIONS overseas should have Moral Obligation to Invest in America as I can assure you the people who founded these companies would have and Presidents before him Harry Truman FDR Eisenhower all wanted Universal Healthcare.
    Eisenhower warned of Corporations and Politicians and the Corruption that would come.
    This is Politics and Profits now in a world that is evolving and we are not.
    Oil Entitlements Over NASA is a DISGRACE to our Country.
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  • Monday Options Recap  [View article]
    I m sticking with TVIX as a HDGE and buying some SPXU And possibly SQQQ. If GOOG or AAPL have a. Bad day it's most likely the QQQ will be down. It's cheap enough insurance and NUGT is a GEM. The miners are having great growth, not all created equal but I like the GLDX GDX and GDXJ near these52 week lows it looks like its showing support but if a correction comes then no matter how smart a investor or a trader may be it will most likely go down as well and you can straddle with DUST just like SSO and SDS. I'm still bullish on GLD and SLV long term and PAL made nice moves. The problem is there is NO money in the market. It's firms trading with firms, they called it "The Ghost Rally" so many stocks like TC SWC AUQ SA have all come down because the institutions and traders wanted to book their profits. I worked at MS. The institutions move the markets. I like GE DUK PFE SNY FTE T JNJ for the short or long term investor. But I have been wondering about these Miners. It makes no sense which tells me something's on the way SSO traded approx 5 million shares today and SDS was approx double that. That was today, now we have to watch tomorrow. They will accumulate the short and just start dumping and buy back in to book those profits. The question is when. If we had the crystal ball there would be no market
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  • How To Profit From A Stock Market Crash, Part III: Gold And Related Mining  [View article]
    Winning trader is exactly right. Soros said he was out GLD to try and bring prices lower so he came back and is now holding IAU along with PLG but if the market corrects there will be a sell off and while the market had its correction PHYS SGOL has remained fairly stable with the GDX GDXJ GLDX and NUGT which is the mining sector some companies are holding SIVR and GLD on their balance sheets along with their cash.
    Venezuela Nationalize GOLD and China is the Number one Mining GLD SLV PLTM PALL etc
    What the elephant in the room is very few people in office are not looking after Americas best interest. Eisenhower warned this that we should never let our Corporate views sway our Political Interest in our "Vast Industrial Militart Complex"
    He saw it back then and was the only General of the 20th Century to serve as President.
    Just today in the news the FinancialService Committee and all the Congressmen and Woman who sit on. The Comittee have received millions from the top 5 banks in the U.S.
    We have CEOs who pinch pennies for quarterly returns and mark to market accounting gimmicks with No REAL GROWTH and they get paid Millions with NO accountability and when they leave they walk away with a couple hundred million.
    We are on a path of Destruction if we do not overhaul our system.
    The law makers who make laws FOR THE PEOPLE on financial services are getting millions with our children coming out of college with debt that is just insane. How can they operate. We do not think LONG TERM.
    This will all have consequences and PHYS GLD and SLV will does not pay a dividend but it is and has always been a preservation of wealth.
    Even I when they raise rates we have record debts, shadow inventory, broke municipalities and village and half of them should not even exist. This is a FACT in the last 20 years we have had on the average of over 800 new regulations every year. If we do not OVERHAUL our system we have Politicians involved in Big Corporations now more than ever in our face everyday.
    Rotting infrastructure, lack of education and regardless of whether anyone agrees with The Presidents Healthcare although it's unconstitutional to fine someone if they do not want to except it our healthcare system Status Quo has to go as well with rising premiums on familles and pre existing conditions doesn't cut it either.
    ALL The technology China has received between the U.S. EU and Japan with our own American Corporations eventually and has already started that China is making our products with stolen Intellectual Property to sell these items at half the price.
    Simple Economics 101 - If they start taking away our market share they take away profits. That is " The Law of Diminishing Returns" and where with these CEOs be then? GONE Retired
    S&P has gone nowhere in 10 years. I was in the business worked at MS. Do the opposite on what they say on CNBC and I would challenge ANY economist ANYTIME right on open Debate for America !
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  • The Bulls & Bears The Macro & Micro View Politics & Profits  [View instapost]
    The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in HISTORY. The U.S. , EU and Japan handed China ALL of their most Precious Commodity. Their Corporations INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. This has given China a strong foundation and Ecosystem of INNOVATION
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  • Gold Confirms Investments In China Will Eventually Be Worthless  [View article]
    We do have revolution called elections but that is choosing one crook to another.
    Furthermore this article negates anything that is said as PTR PetroChina just overtook Exxon Mobil XOM as No. 1 and is now larger than Exxon.
    This is in the Forbes Article from today and my commentary from previous comments said the same thing.
    It's called The Law of Dimishing Returns.
    China is far more advanced than you will ever know. This is typical Regan Era thinking and now we have EEM Emerging Markets with demand for OIL with remain so King Dollar may not be effective and we do need a little inflation for the economy which is bullish for GLD SLV PHYS PSLV GDX GDXJ GLDX AGQ and HDGE for Gold if it does correct is the GLL DGZ as we are starting to see the VIIX on the move.
    Long term it has and always will be a preservation of wealth.
    Unless we have a MAJOR OVERHAUL of our Corrupt Politicians and by the way if you think it's only one side it's ALL OF THEM.
    From Congress, To the Senate all have their own Agenda with dirty back door deals is KILLING AMERICA!
    You can read the book "Throw Them All Out" you will see names of politicians and how they profited from shorting the market when they knew the crash was coming. So educate yourself. This goes beyond party lines and is about America as ONE NATION UNDER G-D and we are at that Tipping Point.
    Instead of watching your news headlines and writing an article such as this you need to look at the facts.
    We are ALL Americans and politicians on BOTH sides are corrupt.
    Government and Private Sector need to work together as separate entities. NOT ALL IN THE FAMILY with these Corporate Lobbyists and SUPER PACS which should outright be illegal. This has much to do with investing as politicians who create the laws of the land it is a DISGRACE From Federal, State, Local and Municipal Laws is overwhelming with the rise in propert taxes, school tax and tax to breathe air and the entire Tax Code needs the LARGEST OVERHAUL in U.S. History just as our debt is the largest in U.S. history.
    So to say China is out when their banks were upgraded when our were downgraded along with the fact uthat we are relying on their economy for U.S. Corporate Profits which has been largely due to China and has driven the market up in turn they have our technology and will become our biggest competitors and start taking away market share.
    This is simple economics 101 if you take away market share you take away profits and that is The Law of Diminshing Returns. CEOs that come and go running Americas biggest Corporations. Look at U.S. Steel X. BA Boeing is still using planes that were built in the 50s and signed contracts to order planes to China. They will just remake them and become competition and start eating their market share. The U.S. Recently built the most advanced fighter plane that was supposed to be 50 years ahead of it's time and nothing can come close which was the YF-22 Raptor. Well, China has one to And a Plan to Build more Aircraft Carriers and Naval Fleet that we have.
    The Golden Generation invested into American Comapnies and lived a better quality of life which they handed to the Baby Boomer Generation and the Politicians that want too hold their seats in The Power Vacuum at Washington should be term limits so new minds, new ideas and a new culture can begin. Clearly The Status Quo is NOT working
    So here you are righting a column as if China doesn't exist. They will have their problems just as we do but they will also have their solutions.
    As they form Currency Pacts with the CNY Yuan with other countries the USD will be at risk of loosing it's status as The World Reserve Currency.
    What do you think the markets around the World will do and what will be the consequences.
    I suggest everyone to read NY Times Columist and Author Thomas Friedman
    He speaks of China and wrote a Book "That Use to Be Us" and ""The World is Flat"
    He should be an Advisor to The White House and The President
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  • The Great Bull-Bear Disconnect  [View article]
    We have had the GREATEST transfer of Wealth in History. What is missing is the Goliath China. Our American Corporations including AAPL RTN GE and many others have given up their most precious Commodity which is their Intellectual Property.
    China is far more advanced than people think and you can look up every word I say that last year they hacked into 10 of our largest Oil and Gas Companies for Exploration. They recently hacked into the U.S Chamber of Commerce among many other government institutions and some of Americas Largest Corporations.
    It's ironic that they know our every move and counter it with precision.
    They have formed Currency pacts with Japan, Russia, Brazil and the U.K.
    More will follow as they see the disarray from our corrupted government and corporate lobbyists who own our politicians for a penny on the dollar. This has SEVERE consequences.
    What happens when America wakes up and the front page of The Wall Street Journal or The Times or any newspaper that America and the USD is NO LONGER The World Reserve Currency.
    You can see 10 dollars at the pump or for bread. I do not believe in the doomsday but if we do no clean up our own backyard then our children and their future along with our quality of life which is diminishing before our eyes.
    Now the media says renting is not bad so the savings rate has gone down. Asset class of real estate was the biggest creator of wealth in the U.S. NOT overnight but over the long term.
    Try and get a loan. Small business average life cycle is 18 months.
    There has been on the average roughly 800 regulations EVERY YEAR for the last 20 years.
    This all adds up and to see a market like this which I believe will correct. You can look at my stock recs and I was talking about the TVIX 2 weeks ago as we will start to see the market volatility increase again.
    I think American Corporations that have CEOs who pinch pennies for their quarterly earnings with NO accountability and with no real GRASS ROOTS growth here at home the Country is rotting and they have a MORAL obligation to invest back home. If the founders of these corporations were still alive most of them would be fired.
    President Eisenhower warned about this in his outgoing speech. He's the only General to serve President of the 20th Century and created the word "The Industrial Military Complex". He warned that we should never let Corporate Interest Sway our Political Views as a Nation as for it would be our demise.
    Look where we are now and China is drilling Oil in Afghanistan so as the geopolitical landscape changes and as countries loose faith in the USD dollar as we were downgraded again today on top of which PetroChina is now larger than Exxon.
    We handed them our technology along with the EU so they have the BEST of both worlds.
    China has more internet and mobile users than we have in our population.
    What happens when China no longer needs to rely on the U.S. And maybe they dump our debt then what? CHECKMATE
    Yes, China is now the second largest holder of Gold and they are the number one gold miners.
    This year in June of 2012 China opens their own Precious Metals Exchange so they can buy PMs in their own Currency. This is part of their plan as they have been very open about being The World Reserve Currency. Then what?
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  • The Age Of The Dollar Is About To End  [View article]
    I was a broker at Morgan Stanley withp many licenses to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currency, commodities and Certified Financial Planner.
    Books on Economics and Finance will be re written and the dollar is at risk I think much sooner than we may all think. China has created Currency pacts with Japan, Brazil, i think Australia as well and most shocking the U.K. Which is troublesome. Because currencies and commodities trade 23 hours a day there is an undertone of trading that most do not see nor is it talked about much. We are in a Currency war where all nations try to devalue their currency to help increase their exports. It's quite simple. Just FOLLOW THE MONEY Central Banks are buying gold. They just bought another 4 tonnes because they lend and borrow money to each other on Gold Lease Rates Which you can see it in Kitco. On top of that there is not enough Gold to go back to the Gold standard unless GLD was at least 5000 per ounce. Here's Chinas Plan, this is ALL fact

    China believes in their Lunar years as guidance. They are an Ancient Civilization. This is "The Year of The Dragon" where China Opens Their Own Precious Metals Exchange in June 2012

    The UUP which is the USD bull index still has key supports and as long as low rates, high deficits, political gridlock many analysts scratch there head on Gold.
    We are in A New World & even if Precious Metals do not go up although I believe GOLD will hit 2000+ in 2012 but assume they stay at these levels and im wrong and Gold is at 1500-1600 most of the Mining companies with good management, little to no debt these companies are going to still have great quarters and revenue growth.

    The reason China will be opening their own precious metals Exchange so they can buy Gold Silver Palladium & Platinum in their own Currency. CNY
    They are taking very strong measures to become The World Reserve Currency & the New Japan China Currency pact is designed to do just that and just the beginning.
    They signed a deal in Afghanistan for OIL & they are really pursuing influence throughout the world.

    This ties to Gold & Silver & even Rare Earths which just had a huge run. REE almost doubled this week.
    I do believe we may see a correction in Gold & the risk trade will be on in the DIA SPY QQQ for the 1st and MAYBE 2nd qtr although we have seen a HUGE rally already. The DIA ran up 11% in 3 months and recently pulled back

    People only read headlines & not the underlying issues.
    I'm not a gold bug but holding gold & silver as a long term investment is a preservation of wealth.
    There are many miners that have outperformed the actual commodity itself and there are Miners that are Holding Gold & Silver on their balance sheets along with their cash. GLD & SLV and made quite a bit.
    I think Silver is the most undervalued Precious Metal there is. Before the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. Prior you had to be very well off to have Silver and they are finding more uses for it for cost effective platforms so it's a Hybrid of a Precious Metal with Industrial uses.
    Most miners have a higher Beta so you need the stomach for volatility & for those who want the exposure to the entire sector can go into SIL GDX & GDXJ. Then there is NUGT 3x Velocity Bull Miners & DUST which is the Bear inverse 3x as well in the mining group.
    There has been a disconnect with the USD UUP or UUPT & USO / OIL which maybe temporary but as long as oil prices are at these levels with nothing in site to bring it down you will see strong precious metal prices

    These stocks jumped right out of the gate in January which was the first week of trading in 2012 & waiting for pullback. The USD is still the most liquid market throughout the World and we may see massive inflows into the dollar if we have the EUO which is the Euro Short that I recommended over 2 months ago in my older stock talks along with the miners back in November & I recommended SWC PAL REE but rising dollar may hit Gold.
    Again we are start to seeing a disconnect and most of. The Reagan Era guys are scratching their heads & just coming to terms with the fact that there are other countries in the World.

    I think you should also look at HL Which is one of the very few that pays a dividend. 
    I use to work on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley and This new geopolitical landscape is changing due to bad policy and American government still asleep at the wheel has SERIOUS consequences and they are in power vacuum of a bubble.
    I think it's important to note China having 97% of the Rare Earth market and we cannot trust to meet export quotas as they are coming down.
    Either way prices for 2012 on GOLD SILVER PALLADIUM PLATINUM are volatile but look to be stable for 2012 which means profits for miners.
    People are always saying China has big issues. If China gets hit commodity stocks along with the market will have a pull back.
    What people do not understand is China will have their problems but they will also have their solutions. They are the 2nd largest Economy in the world with a revised annual GDP for 8%+ for 2012 which dwarfed that of Japan.
    They should not be taken lightly & that may add to the catalyst of the rise in Precious Metal Prices. In Forbes Magazine a several months back the Finance Minister of China openly accused the U.S & EU for surpressing the price of gold and it should be at 5000 an ounce and silver should be between 6-900 an ounce depending on demand given all the fiscal deficits we have & unfunded liabilities.
    "One day will come when China no longer needs to rely on us or need to buy our debt" at that point it will be CHECKMATE. Americans alone would drive Gold to 5000 an ounce on the open market if it went mainstream that the USD is no longer the World Reserve Currency. It would be on the FRONT PAGE of every news stand and people have already lost faith in government to get anything done.
    Last year I wrote a blog on SA that China is buying Gold very quietly and wouldn't you know that they are now the SECOND largest holders of Gold and have been encouraging their population to buy gold and Precious Metals.

    By the end of 2012 it is estimated China will have more Gold than The United States of America.
    Then what happens to America and the USD
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  • China posts a $31.5B trade deficit in February, surging past estimates of $4.9B (and whispers of $28B) as imports jumped 39.6% Y/Y vs. exports at 18.4%. For about the 10th week running, analysts caution against reading too much into the data thanks to the Lunar holiday. Whatever. China and Japan are posting trade deficits - the world is changing.   [View news story]
    China will become The World Reserve Currency. They have said it. Stated it. They are right on course to taking over from the USD and it will come sooner than we think.
    ALL Politicians whether Senate or Congress the Buffett Rule should become LAW effective immediately. These people sitting in office all care for themselves and none for America. They have abused all privilege and I speak to ALL for the exception of maybe a few and I probably speak for most of The American People.
    SUPER PACS should be outlawed!!
    If people knew what this was our donations would mean nothing to the Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars that will corrupt and dictate our Liberty & Freedom.
    Thomas Jefferson once said BANKS can do more harm and damage than standing ARMIES!
    Well here you have it. Does anyone going to listen to a minority whip on either party over Warren Buffett? Some things can agree to disagree but a stupid man he is certainly not.
    He sees wants going on and knows the stakes although he can never announce this publicly. Imagine if he said he allocated 5% into Gold & Silver. Ha Mainstream would go bananas and those words alone could send gold to 2500.
    CHINA SECRET - they study us. Academic, military, innovation, you name it. The country is buzzing and has no clue of a recession. Jim Chanos who is well respected has been calling for a hard landing. Never underestimate your competition. They have been Right On.
    I worry Long Term within 10 years or less between Corporate America & Russia & the EU companies and all their technology & Innovation in our publicly traded companies these short term gains for their quarterly profits is very short sighted as we have given up our most Precious Commodity - Our Intellectual Property rights that will lead to long term losses.
    This will ultimately effect earnings long term with our Fortrress Balance Sheets and there is so much we can do in America.
    It's time we clean our OWN backyard, cut red tape on regulations. It's just sick. We have aaprox 800 new regulations every year for over 10 years. That is Insane and shows the disconnect in our Country.
    I don't care for Politics, I care for America and I fear we are at A Tipping Point.
    I wrote all about this in my previous blogs last year of Gold & Oil going higher which decreasing consumer spending.
    We need to do what we use to. Have Morals & Care for America. Our Children's Futures are in our Hand.
    We NEED a National Smart Grid Infrastructure Project. The biggest the World has ever seen.
    We are the richest nation on Earth with the most horrible rankings in Education, healthcare, and we are losing Innovation.
    China is hard at work and they will have the largest NAVAL fleet Before we know it. They already stated it about building Aircraft Carriers and the constant Cyber Attacks which have been confirmed coming from China. They have already hacked into Americas largest Oil & Gas Companies, our Mining Industries, Google and with such sofistaction Google said they never saw anything like it. It's all there and you can Google it.
    Everything mentioned in this article is all public information that has been on the news already.
    But this is just the beginning. What will China be like in 10 years from now. How friendly will they be with Russia for their Metals and Iran for their Oil.......The Political Landscape is changing and our Represeenatives are arguing over payroll tax. Its a shame and I sure hope they wake up. They need term limits and America needs an Overhaul from the Ground Up.
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  • Gold Confirms Investments In China Will Eventually Be Worthless  [View article]
    S&P just upgraded Chinas Banks while downgrading ours. Your article is an ILLUSION.
    We Have the most Corrupt system of them ALL.
    A system that President Eisenhower who was the only General to be President of the 20th Century displayed in his outgoing speech. It was not of happiness. It was of worry, he was worried for the future of America. You can YouTube it. He invented the word "The Industrial Military Complex" and said we should never let corporations sway our Political views and interests domestic or abroad. WELL - He were are buddy! Our Government is in a Gridlock, People are Divided, 30 years of back door deals, income inequality and ALL signs that have lead to Social Unrest which we are seeing here at home.
    Let's worry about America!
    By the way, the Chinese are building their own space station and now are the second largest holders of GOLD in the World.
    They hacked into the U.S Chamber of Commerce, last year our 10 largest Oil & GasComapnies, FBI, NSA , CIA and they are crawling all over Washington. They are now Innovating just as Japan did.
    They are now the 2nd largest economy in the world with a growth rate that dwarfed that of Japan and have more Internet usersand mobile users than we have in our entire population with all AmericanCorporations doing business in China.

    Oh yes, they are building their own Space Station Literally.

    They are forming currency pacts with Japan, UK, Russia so they do not have to use the dollar, the less it is used the more will be floating around that could potentially be a threat as a hard decline in the dollar might be GrEAT for exports with Multinational Corporations but would cripple our economy and our People here at home. We will be like Europe where they pay double what we do for gas.

    The day may come where we loose our status of the USD as The World Reserve Currency.
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  • Why It's Time To Invest In Silver Stocks  [View article]
    There is an underlying factor that is "Just Follow The Fed" attitude but something in America is happening as we are Dangerously putting the U.S. Within the next 10 years or even less of losing our Status as The World Reserve Currency. Not something to be happy or proud about as an American.
    From investment standpoint TSXV & GLDX which is also Exploration Companies index have had a huge rally.
    Stock I watch, trade or comment on had nice runs especially UXG SA XG FSM AG & cat bounce on KGC. AG CEO said they may hold some of their GLD & SLV along with their cash on their balance sheets & more Miners in the GDX GDXJ NUGT space may follow.
    Then we have the possibility of countries like Venezuela nationalize their Precious Metals and particular PHYS GOLD
    This was a recent article:
    In a nutshell, negative lease rates mean one has to pay for the "privilege" of lending out one's gold as collateral - a prima facie collateral crunch. The lower the lease rate, the greater the use of gold as a source of liquidity - and since the indicator is public - it is all too easy for entities that do have liquidity to game the spread and force sell offs by those who are telegraphing they are in dire straits and will sell their gold at any price if forced, to prevent a liquidity collapse. Said otherwise: to force a firesale. Well, we are happy to announce that the selloff spring clip potential that is embedded in a near record negative lease rate has now been discharged courtesy of the $100 dump last month which may have happened for all the money managers, hedge funds and who knows what else to book their profits as they needed to close out their years and I'm sure many other reasons.
    Right out of the gate of Jan month just ends out in our Year of 2012 we may see huge disconnects. China opens their own Precious Metals Exchange of June this year so they can buy in their own currency can change things & we cannot rule them out as the 2nd largest economy & Counting but one thing is now sure: the underlying tension in the supply and demand for gold as a source of liquidity has collapsed. That said, the next time we approach the previous thresholds we will advise readers as it will likely indicate another gold-derived liquidity rubberband "breach" is imminent.

    Encouraging direct yen-yuan trades will aim to reduce currency risks and trading costs, Japan’s government said. Currently, about 60 percent of trade transactions between the two nations are settled in dollars, according to Japan’s Finance Ministry. China is Japan’s biggest trading partner.
    Then-finance minister Noda said in September 2010 that Japan should be able to invest in China’s market given that China buys Japanese debt. Japan holds $1.3 trillion of foreign- currency reserves, the world’s second largest.
    Austria has already been granted the eligibility to buy Chinese bonds, according to the Japanese government official. Central banks from Thailand to Nigeria plan to start buying yuan assets as slowing global growth has capped interest rates in the U.S. and Europe.
    Investing in Chinese debt has become easier for central banks as issuance of yuan-denominated bonds in Hong Kong more than tripled to 112 billion yuan ($18 billion) this year and institutions were granted quotas to invest onshore.
    So while the US and Europe bicker over just who it is that will first end up bailing out one then the other, those who are supposedly doing the bailing, have decided to gradually move away from the interminable financial sink hole that is the developed world. All that needs to happen next is for Russia and India to join this compact, and Jim O'Neill will be proven 'right', although with a 100% inverse outcome to the one desired by the Goldmanite, as globalization proceeds merrily on its way... just without the US and Europe. - Bloomberg & Zerohedge
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