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I am a Certified Financial Advisor Asset Manager and was Stockbroker and Commodity and Futures Trader on Wall Street and had my Series 7,63,31. I worked at Morgan Stanley and took undergraduate school programs for Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Lump Sum Distribution, Asset Allocation and... More
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  • The Bulls & Bears The Macro & Micro View Politics & Profits

    We have had the GREATEST transfer of Wealth in History. What is missing is the Goliath China. Our American Corporations including AAPL RTN GE and many others have given up their most precious Commodity which is their Intellectual Property.
    China is far more advanced than people think and you can look up every word I say that last year they hacked into 10 of our largest Oil and Gas Companies for Exploration. They recently hacked into the U.S Chamber of Commerce among many other government institutions and some of Americas Largest Corporations.
    It's ironic that they know our every move and counter it with precision.
    They have formed Currency pacts with Japan, Russia, Brazil and the U.K.
    More will follow as they see the disarray from our corrupted government and corporate lobbyists who own our politicians for a penny on the dollar. This has SEVERE consequences.
    What happens when America wakes up and the front page of The Wall Street Journal or The Times or any newspaper that America and the USD is NO LONGER The World Reserve Currency.
    You can see 10 dollars at the pump or for bread. I do not believe in the doomsday but if we do no clean up our own backyard then our children and their future along with our quality of life which is diminishing before our eyes.
    Now the media says renting is not bad so the savings rate has gone down. Asset class of real estate was the biggest creator of wealth in the U.S. NOT overnight but over the long term.
    Try and get a loan. Small business average life cycle is 18 months.
    There has been on the average roughly 800 regulations EVERY YEAR for the last 20 years.
    This all adds up and to see a market like this which I believe will correct. You can look at my stock recs and I was talking about the TVIX 2 weeks ago as we will start to see the market volatility increase again.
    I think American Corporations that have CEOs who pinch pennies for their quarterly earnings with NO accountability and with no real GRASS ROOTS growth here at home the Country is rotting and they have a MORAL obligation to invest back home. If the founders of these corporations were still alive most of them would be fired.
    President Eisenhower warned about this in his outgoing speech. He's the only General to serve President of the 20th Century and created the word "The Industrial Military Complex". He warned that we should never let Corporate Interest Sway our Political Views as a Nation as for it would be our demise.
    Look where we are now and China is drilling Oil in Afghanistan so as the geopolitical landscape changes and as countries loose faith in the USD dollar as we were downgraded again today on top of which PetroChina is now larger than Exxon.
    We handed them our technology along with the EU so they have the BEST of both worlds.
    China has more internet and mobile users than we have in our population.
    What happens when China no longer needs to rely on the U.S. And maybe they dump our debt then what? CHECKMATE
    Yes, China is now the second largest holder of Gold and they are the number one gold miners.
    This year in June of 2012 China opens their own Precious Metals Exchange so they can buy PMs in their own Currency. This is part of their plan as they have been very open about being The World Reserve Currency. Then what?

    Disclosure: I am long GE, GRT, HL, BAC, IAU, GLD, SLV, AGQ, PHYS, SIVR.

    Additional disclosure: The market has had one of the greatest rallies on some of the lightest volume ever seen. Corporate Profits move markets. Our American Corporations doing business in China may witness The Law of Diminishing Returns. The companies that have been making our products may turn to become our biggest competitors and start to take away market share. If you take away market share you take away earnings.

    Apr 18 6:52 AM | Link | 1 Comment
  • SLV GLD & The USD UUP USO "The Year of The Dragon" China Opens Their Own Precious Metals Exchange in June 2012
    Great Article. The UUP which is the USD bull index still has key supports and as long as low rates, high deficits, political gridlock many analysts scratch there head on Gold.
    We are in A New World & even if Precious Metals do not go up although I believe GOLD will hit 2500 in 2012 but assume they stay at these levels and im wrong and Gold is at 1500 most of the companies with good management, little to no debt these companies are going to still have great quarters and revenue growth.

    I do NOT trust China, June 2012 they open their own precious metals Exchange so they can buy Gold Silver Palladium & Platinum in their own Currency.
    They are taking very strong measures to become The World Reserve Currency & the New Japan China Currency pact is designed to do just that 
    They signed a deal in Afghanistan for OIL & they are really pursuing influence throughout the world.

    This ties to Gold & Silver & even Rare Earths which just had a huge run. REE almost doubled this week.
    I do believe we may see a correction in Gold & the risk trade will be on in the DIA SPY QQQ for the 1st and MAYBE 2nd qtr although we have seen a HUGE rally already. DIA up 11% in 3 months.
    I'm all about any improvement in America but the last jobs number was a joke! 
    People only read headlines & not the underlying issues.
    I'm not a gold bug but holding gold & silver as a long term investment is a preservation of wealth.
    There are many miners that have outperformed GLD & SLV and made quite a bit. 
    Most miners have a higher Beta so you need the stomach for volatility & for those who want the exposure to the entire sector can go into SIL GDX & GDXJ. Then there is NUGT 3x Velocity Bull Miners & DUST which is the Bear inverse 3x as well in the mining group.
    There has been a disconnect with the USD UUP or UUPT & USO / OIL which maybe temporary.

    These stocks jumped right out of the gate this last week which was the first week of trading in 2012 & waiting for pullback. The USD is still the most liquid market throughout the World and we may see massive inflows into the dollar if we have the EUO which is the Euro Short that I recommended over 2 months ago in my older stock talks along with the miners back in November & I recommended SWC PAL REE but rising dollar may hit Gold.
    Again we are start to seeing a disconnect and most of. The Reagan Era guys are scratching their heads & just coming to terms with the fact that there are other countries in the World.

    I think you should also look at HL Which is one of the very few that pays a dividend. 
    I use to work on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley and I hope we can get a pullback. It seems risk trade is on and technically we are in bit of bear territory so I'm a bit more cautious. 
    Either way prices for 2012 on GOLD SILVER PALLADIUM PLATINUM are volatile but look to be stable for 2012 which means profits for miners.
    We need to watch the Eurozone & China. If China gets hit commodity stocks along with the market will have a pull back.
    What people do not understand is China will have their problems but they will also have their solutions. They are the 2nd largest Economy in the world with a revised annual GDP for 8% for 2012 which dwarfed that of Japan.
    They should not be taken lightly & that may add to the catalyst of the rise in Precious Metal Prices. In Forbes Magazine a few months back the Finance Minister of China openly accused the U.S & EU for surpressing the price of gold and it should be at 5000 an ounce and silver should be between 6-900 an ounce depending on demand given all the fiscal deficits we have & unfunded liabilities.
    One day will come when China no longer needs to rely on us or need to buy our debt. 
    Another HEdge is ticker HDGE and gor Gold there is GLL which is more volatility that bets on GLD going down.

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
    Jan 09 12:23 AM | Link | 1 Comment
  • Americas Resource War - The TRILLIONS in Future Losses is Yet To Come
    The one thing I can say is I am sick and tired of the same commentators coming on CNBC saying something different every day for the trade and the quick buck. I like Kudlow but he's gone a bit Hollywood. We have had cheap money, low tax rates, all loopholes after years and nothing has changed. I even like Joe 
    on Squawk Box but put some new people and faces on their with new ideas. I saw one of their Guests on today and he was saying how cheap market valuations are comparing from 50 years ago. The country only grew and stocks went up because American companies and small business were thriving because we were the leading global manufacturer that we made our merchandise that we sold to the rest of the world while Europe was in ruins! The scary thing was he was from Wharton! We are NOW competing globally. I am not a gold bug or silver bug as they do not pay a dividend but I would most certainly buy SLV and GLD for the long term just based on simple economics 101 of supply and demand and DBA of course. We need American Leadership. We NEED a Neil Armstrong Landing on The Moon Moment in our Country.An investment is not trying to throw money at a problem, it is when you get a return on your investment. How about RADICAL AMERICAN THINKING - FREE ENERGY to every household. FACT- 3% of AZ land mass covered with solar would electrify our country. You would have an immediate increase in consumer spending, the national household savings rate would go up, and you would have the unemployment rate go down because business would hire right here in our own country from GRASS ROOTS demand. We would also have an actual Nation Security Energy Policy as well protect and serve America. Its time we Revaluate ourselves for LONG TERM solutions for America. If the Govt wants to throw money out you might as well just give each American Citizen a million dollars each and call it a day and make everyone a millionaire. Its time the world looks at us again for LEADERSHIP. We need to take the lead again, not look to China or Brazil for Hope. Its seems like everyone's attitude that it can't can't can't be done. It can. TheHoover Dam was built 70 years ago and produces over 4 BILLION kw per year. Now 70 years later with the Quantum leap in technology FREE ENERGY is not possible? I would upgrade our electric grid and infrastructure at the same time. We have Solar, Wind Geothermal, Hydropwer etc. It's RIDICULOUS, and bad American policy and back door deals over the past 30 years have come home. We need CHANGE. Or the status quo of sending money to terrorist for our energy and sending money to the communists in China who is by the way going to be the largest economy in the world and we handed it to them on a silver platter of not only stealing our technology but we are paying them to make them and to top it all they have stolen our intellectual property rights and there will not be a thing we can do about it. I wonder how many trillions that will be worth in the future of loss revenue and how many American jobs that was worth. Our American Corporations own our government and dictate policy and President Eisenhower saw what over 50 years ago, in his outgoing speech he warned us that we should NEVER let our corporations sway American policy with the massive growth we had in this Vast "Industrial Military Complex". Google or utube it and I can go on because Chinas plan is to become the world reserve currency and by 2012 which is the Year of the Dragon and they do go by their culture as 2011 is the year of the Rabbit so they have been quiet but Forbes has the article that China will have their own metals exchange so they will no longer need dollars which is part of their plan to become the world reserve currency and they may go back to the gold standard and have already accused us of surprising the price of GOLD as that should be 5000 an ounce and SILVER should be 600-900 an ounce. Anyone reading this can Google it and they are setting the stage and buying PHYS gold at record numbers this year as part of their strategy for global strength. We have no fair trade agreements, you cannot own anymore than 49 percent interest when doing business with them and they are half our size and it's our money building these factories. Imagine when they become the larger economy which most economists predict. I think everyone should read Thomas Freidmans books who is well respected and should be on TV daily. I am an expert in this and I would challenge anyone on CNBC for debate Anytime for America!

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in SPXU, SDS, SSO, UPRO, EDC, SLV, GLD, IAU over the next 72 hours.
    Jan 05 11:21 AM | Link | 1 Comment
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