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  • The_American
    AAPL iPhone 5 now has patent lawsuit with SSNLF.PK iOS 6 drains battery life. At 700 Traders SH the stock to take profits and make profits
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    • dab3z: iOS 6 most certainly does not drain battery life. I am on my phone incessantly throughout the day. Haven't charged the battery before bed.
    • 1980XLS-2.0: Dab3, is that with your phone running on 3g or 4G?
    • Ocean Man: ^Are you in a 4G area using the internet or just talking and texting?
    • The_American: I'm in NY 4G Talking on the phone and certainly not the only AAPL has to break 7 whenever they do their iPad I was SH @700 1st time SH 2nd@7
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