• The_American
    Now may be a good time to dip a bit into the TVIX or VIXX & HDGE some bets. If XLF or KBE banks rally they will RUN. Can't see it with EUO
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    • cowpieTX: maybe TVIZ, but not TVIX. 5 months worth of pent up contango about to come raining down on TVIX.
    • nasalpancho: cow -- hasnt the contango already crushed tvix?
    • nasalpancho: It has seemed to firm up last 6 trading days or so
    • The_American: If the Euro banks are starting to freeze up their money markets & Merkel coming outright w/outlook for 2012 we trade on emotion. Not Logic
    • The_American: I know. I've been cost dollar averaging on BAC so I feel nice at 5.75. I think it goes to 7 but if EUO continues I hope to see support at 6