• The_American
    AONEQ.PK BWEN VLNCQ.OB FCEL CPST ALTI NANX GE along with GAS can convert each vehicle to BIOF PEIX for 70dollars as they do in Brazil until reality
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    • Bob de'Long: LOL
    • The_American: James Woolsey former Director of CIA &seekingalphaarticle you can run your car on other BIOF VLNCQ.OB To reduce our OIL exposure is a MUST. TSLA
    • The_American: LOL Did you buy TSLA or any Solar or BIOF stocks. I made my return for the year. If U like "The Status Quo" buy HMC you'll need your Moped
    • Stockmarketdouble: BIOF rippin today on Valero ethanol income news
    • The_American: FCEL doubled in 3 weeks. We are increasing into gas to keep cost down BFRE.OB up HUGE this month. They refine garbage into BIOF RTK is a buy
    • mrmohandez: do you now why VLNCQ is not trading i tried few time on Friday to buy but no trading
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