• The_American
    Go for some yield. Can't forget EUO & USD UUP going up. GDX GDXJ SIL NUGT REMX GUYFF.PK up20-30% REE almost doubled last week SH ZSL GLL GLD
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    • REIT: what yield ,each time you receive something the market drops 2% wiping everything ,think total return
    • The_American: The ones for yield are AGNC NLY WPG RSO CXS TWO ARR & DUK PFE GE and have potential upside although i would like to see pullback. M&A in BIB
    • The_American: Be careful on the "Dividend Trap" I like NLY better CXS is subsidiary They will move ex- DVY and come down. ARR TWO all up 20% AMLP CYS IVR