• The_American
    An Election historically good for DIA NUGT GDXJ GLDX nice entry points. SWC TCPTF VGZ SLW : VIIX TVIX WFEMF.PK recieves 80 million from BRK.A S
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    • DAG Investments: i'm in the hole with VGZ and planning to sell out. plan to hold PZG & HL instead and maybe add to both. disagree? what makes you like VGZ?
    • The_American: Keep all if you can or go into the GDXJ I went into NUGT this morning premarket @ 7.92 you should be up in all I sold TVIX and kept BAC DUMB
    • DAG Investments: thanks. yes i see the turn in gold stocks has started so i will keep all if i can. good call, thanks again.
    • The_American: All GDX GDXJ not created equal. If EUO at the G-8 stalls the DIA QQQ SPY GLDX NUGT VGZ PGZ TCPTF HL FSM SVMLF and JAGGF $$ GLD and SLV may ALL pop
    • DAG Investments: if so, do u think REE might get a little pull up too? trying to get out from a hole on that one too