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  • The_American
    TSLA and their technology is the future and auto sales come out next week with GM F HMC TM which had a rough ride and a bounce with a HDGE
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    • DaLatin: Electric cars r todays Edsells.There a fad & when bottled gas starts 2 roll out in GM trucks soon & Fiat makes a full line,electric cars die
    • The_American: I agree on the trucks running on UNG but TSLA has defied GM F and all those who said it could not be done and new technology will be born I
    • DaLatin: I'm 87 & there were ok electric cars before me.I see in the ME & all over LA local mechanics convert cars & taxies 4 about $150s.N gas wins
    • The_American: I do not disagree UNG will certainly play a vital role but in 30 years from now g-d help us all if we are still using the combusting engine
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