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  • Sell Trina Solar At $4.51: Target Price In The Cents [View article]
    If you consider that for example you could put PV on warehouses parking lots and along freeways for soundprotection and energy production) you could supply the entire city of Los Angeles with enough power for at LEAST all the AC thats running during the day, but in reality you could power way more with it. With current PV costs it would amortize itself within 5 to 8 years and after that it would just produce free energy for the entire city.
    What do you think Tom? Sounds good?
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  • Sell Trina Solar At $4.51: Target Price In The Cents [View article]
    Hey Tom, once you get your new house with the large yard with all the money you make with your investments (shorting solar, no doubt) lets put a nuclear power plant a oil refinery and a coal burning plant in your backyard. You will love it! No ill effects guaranteed!

    Did you have a chat with the local bartender about climate change? Any other valuable insights that he told you that you may wanna share?
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    Thank you for your detailed response.
    What I see now are two sides, one calls the FED a profiteering liar and the other call the politicians opposing the FED, liars serving their self-interest. I would have to give blind faith to the fact that you know every detail of the FED in order to believe you and say you are correct but I am not quite ready to do that as I don't think that you have that knowledge.

    If I take a step back and look at the situation that you describe the FED to be, I see a monstrous banking business that is capable of lending monstrous amounts of money and as you claim, in order to make money and only that, no manipulation of economy and power etc.
    To be honest even if it was just that and even if you are absolutely correct I would have to strongly object to what the FED is doing.

    Because IF that is the truth then the Fed would be a enormous banking business that is operating completely on its own. It can not be audited and it is not paying taxes on their extremely large deals to start with. (I remember about a year ago or so you compared the FED to a sort of non profit organization, that also wouldn't be correct now.)

    Any direct or indirect branch of the government that has such power to stabilize or destabilize the US and possibly the global economy should in my opinion certainly NOT be in a position to make such decisions completely on its own. Considering the potential implications of their actions and considering that we are supposedly living in a democracy such a organization and the board of directors in charge of such a organization would have to be potentially elected in a democratic manner as is the president or a governor of a state etc.
    In my opinion the function of such a organization should be changed to a institution that is in charge of regulating the economy by adjusting interest rates when needed etc. COMPLETELY without any self-interest, it should be fulfilling that function in the interest of the country and only in that. A board of economists like yourself would be in charge of making the necessary decisions and I would think that any decision would be discussed on the news media AT LEAST as much as gay marriage for example is. If you consider the very personal implications those decisions have on millions of us then that would seem more than logical.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    I absolutely agree with the chanting slogan comment and I also agree that usually it is necessary to first understand a problem in order to solve it but I also think that sometimes it is not possible to truly grasp the complexity even though there are people who may think they do but they are in fact still not able to truly make a change. In such a case it may be necessary to simply demand a change and then see the inner workings of a certain mechanism unfold as the change takes place. I can clearly see that you are a very knowledgeable and sincere thinker but I still don't think that anything you ever say on that level will make the slightest bit of change. How for example would you explain this article?

    I admit that I certainly do not understand what machinery is running here but every instinct tells me that its not good.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    James I think you are raising good points but you display a sort of academics arrogance. If you would keep the fundamentals in view then you would not need to cling to this "middle perspective" what exactly is the middle between two messes?
    The fundamental importance here is that the US Government is a extremely poorly run business. The reason why is because greed and corruption and lobbyism has taken over congress. The FED and the Bankers have made it very attractive and very easy for that greed and corruption to spread by ignoring everything that any business owner could not ignore for a moment without going bankrupt.
    Of course you look at my words and laugh because you will blame my lack of knowledge in accountants lingo but you forget that if there is no business then there are also no accountants and economists. I have been running successful businesses for decades and I know that what is going on here does not require a degree in economics to understand. I am sure if you were in a long standing business mens shoes you would understand my point.
    Aug 30 03:32 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Solar Panels: Let's Lose This Competition [View article]
    I think you are raising a good point here. The ice caps and glaciers are not reflecting as much sunlight as they used to due to the shrinkage as well as them getting covered with ashes from our emissions. So I think solar panels reflecting light back into space is a valid point, even though the area that is currently covered with solar panels is probably so small compared to the ice caps that it most likely doesn't make a difference yet.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    If you consider the flood of cheap products that has occurred from china during the past 20 years then you will see that in fact prices of goods should be even much lower by now then what they actually are. To draw a conclusion regarding inflation numbers because some machine shop blocks have become cheaper is not very accurate I am afraid.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]

    "2. I agree the Fed is currently credible. They have built up a great deal of institutional credibility since 1980. "

    You could say in the same way that Madoff built up a lot of credibility during the same time until his ponzi scheme collapsed.
    What you are calling credibility is misleading, it is really just pointing to a time period where the actions of the FED were running more in the background as its disastrous effects were not so visible. Now the game is getting close to some sort of end and we are realising that the FED has gained way too much power in this government by manipulating the economy.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    "Furthermore, Dr. Paul is unfortunately a demagogue that practices a corrosive sort of populism by appealing to the worst instincts of the American public. This is a man that should know better than to be fueling irresponsible speculation about nefarious conspiracies by the Fed and Wall St. bankers."

    I think you would do yourself a favor by addressing specific questions and specific answers that Dr Paul has raised in the past otherwise you make yourself look like an Evangelist of the FED/ Wall street bankers. You use pretty words to say very little I am afraid.
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  • Solar Panels: Let's Lose This Competition [View article]
    I can't find any details regarding the efficiency of the Dow shingles. You know where I can find that?
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    you say: "To the contrary, when the Fed supplies liquidity in times of distress it is correcting a distortion in prices."

    I think it is doing the opposite as we have seen happening. By supplying liquidity they are artificially keeping up buying power and wherever there is buying power the prices will not adjust to real values but instead stay too high.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    The false boom as you are describing here is already caused by fractional reserve banking. Banks are injecting money into the market by loaning money which does not exist in reality, that in turn creates way too much buying power and it increases the prices of goods beyond what the real market would dictate. That creates an economy where the average person HAS to borrow money in order to buy a house or car etc.
    The banking system can create boom and bust cycles that way, winning on both sides of the spectrum.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    I think there are a lot of factors that affect credibility. If the Central bank doesn't increase interest rates when needed then that also affects credibility. But THAT is exactly the point, in whose interest is the FED manipulating credibility!!?? I think it is pretty obvious.
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  • The Fed Putting America In A Hole [View article]
    James, I am surprised that you are just now pointing out the obvious. But I feel its always good to put the main issues into clear focus which is what you have done, thank you for that.
    The main question remains though and that is, The Fed employees board of directors etc have generations rooted in finance, they know all of the points that you are making before the mainstream even thinks about it. So, WHY do they do it?
    These are the same issues the financial world has seen for hundreds of years, I would say the same tricks that have been applied to the economies of nations throughout the centuries. Germany has tried to learn and correct some of the mistakes but they are simply getting squeezed out of their logic by putting pressure on the economy. When there is no food on the table people don't care what is being done as long as it changes something, and that change may be in the short term or long term when people are desperate nobody cares how the change comes about. And THAT is the method how these ridiculous and rather primitive mistakes are made over and over. Then the question is WHO is going to profit from this? When you look at history you can see that Central banking systems (with the Fed in the lead) have done alright and I promise you that the crisis they are creating now will help put Germany in place and open the doors to the Euro for the ECB. It will also help to create a unified currency.
    If you are seriously bringing up your economic points which any teenager can see, as a new problem which needs to be addressed then I am afraid you may be insulting your own intelligence.
    If the Fed raises interest rates now it would be a disaster and if they don't raise interest rates it will also be a disaster so they can do whatever they want and get away with it. As long as the situation is dire enough, they can hail themselves as the good ones who just did what had to be done, .... after they willingly put us into a economic crash.
    There is guilt that needs to be addressed, at least for everything that has taken place since 2000 the guilty ones need to be prosecuted. As long as we don't have the truly guilty ones in front of a respectable court, this kind of corruption will go on and on for hundreds of years longer. Interest rates should have been raised in 2000 instead of creating a real estate bubble, nobody will deny that this was a creation by the banks to stuff their greedy pockets, overseen by the Fed. We know that Greenspan DID THIS but he simply ends his term and disappears. The problem needs to be addressed on the legal level as it is a crime.
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  • Solar Panels: Let's Lose This Competition [View article]
    Absolutely, in their eyes its the great liberation, the best thing to ever happen. There are moderate Republicans as well though like Schwarzenegger was for california but in the big picture the money is gonna flow uninterrupted once again, when the oil is flowing from every possible ditch on planet earth.
    I am certainly not a full on liberal but I do consider myself to have common sense and this, I know will one day be looked upon as the great madness of the dark ages of the 20th century.
    Aug 23 06:37 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment