Short Interest Data For Internet Stocks (GOOG, WBMD, PCLN, AMZN)

Includes: BKNG, GOOG, WBMD
by: Mark Mahaney

Mark Mahaney Smith Barney CitigroupNASDAQ and NYSE Short Interest data through April 15th was released earlier this week. Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney highlights some of the key trends for Internet stocks:


โ— The median M/M change in Short Interest for the stocks we cover was up 2.4% (vs. up 0.8% in March). The biggest M/M changes were: GOOG (up 68%), WBMD (up 17%), PCLN (down 16%), and AMZN (down 13%).

โ— NILE, ADBL, PCLN, NFLX and CNET had by far the highest Short Interest Ratios among the stocks we cover. And ADBL, NILE, NFLX, WBMD, and PCLN, had the highest Short Interest as a % of Float. These two measures indicate relatively high levels of negative sentiment with these shares.

โ— April Net Short Interest With M/M and Y/Y Change:

โ— April Short Interest as a Percentage of Float:

โ— Short Interest Trends During Q1:06 and Q2:06 QTD: