Cramer's Mad Money - Why We Aren't Crashing (11/13/12)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday November 13.

Why We Aren’t Crashing. Stocks mentioned: EOG Resources (NYSE:EOG), Weight Watchers (NYSE:WTW), Molycorp (MCP)

With the Dow down 59 points, Cramer says some are surprised why the averages aren’t down more dramatically on fiscal cliff worries. Cramer thinks that, given the incredible pressure to find a solution, there will be some kind of compromise, and the market is reflecting this hope. Second, many investors hold stocks in tax advantaged funds or IRAs, and won’t suffer as much from higher taxes on capital gains. Third, many are confused about what the fiscal cliff actually involves, and aren’t knowledgeable enough to be anxious, and finally, Cramer made the point that investors do not want to be out of stocks at the moment a compromise may be reached, because the market is sure to rally if that happens.

Cramer took some calls:

EOG Resources (EOG) is the best locator of oil and has generous assets in the Bakken and other domestic shales.

Weight Watchers (WTW) is not a stock to be greedy holding. Cramer would take profits.

Molycorp (MCP has accounting irregularities, and that always equals a “sell.”
CEO Interview: Andrew Littlefair, Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE). Other stocks mentioned: General Electric (NYSE:GE), Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT), Cummins (NYSE:CMI)

Natural gas vehicle stocks have been hammered so relentlessly that, with expectations so low, there may be room for an upside. Clean Energy Fuels builds natural gas filling stations, and has been cut in half from its highs at the beginning of the year. However, the company has some excellent prospects, given its deal with General Electric (GE) to buy Liquified Natural Gas plants which could produce enough natural gas to support 70 fueling stations. This deal makes Clean Energy more vertically integrated, and will give it an edge over the competition. CEO Andrew Littlefair discussed the company’s goal to build out natural gas stations on every interstate coast to coast. Companies that have made the switch to natural gas for fueling their trucks are already seeing significant savings. Littlefair says he is not discouraged by the lack of government support, because he believes the industry can make it private funding. The GE deal proves that “We have economics on our side,” and “all the major players,” in the engine space, including Caterpillar (CAT) and Cummins (CMI) are involved in natural gas projects, or have announced plans to expand into natural gas.

CEO Interview: David Cote, Honeywell (NYSE:HON)

While CEO David Cote often comes on Mad Money to discuss his company, Honeywell (HON), he instead discussed the project he is spearheading to represent the business community in a campaign to bridge the fiscal cliff. Cote says he is “in the radical middle,” and while the debt problem should not be delayed further, a moderate solution is required involving sensible tax increases and gradual spending cuts. Cote is optimistic that not only can a recession be avoided, but there could be a robust recovery ahead.

Off the Charts: Boeing (NYSE:BA)

Boeing (BA) seems exactly the kind of stock that could get hit by fiscal cliff worries, but among defense stocks, it is performing the best. The stock is showing support under $69 and is trading over its 10, 50 and 200 day averages. The stock made 3 consecutive closes over its 200 day moving average, and is showing a bullish crossover pattern, an indicator of increased momentum, which was a signal of its rally in June. BA has been moving up on strong volume. Cramer also likes BA for its fundamentals, since it is not only levered to defense, but to commercial aerospace, which is bull mode. Cramer thinks BA is a good stock to buy.


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