Archer Pharmaceuticals: New Company to Target Alzheimer's Disease

by: Eben Tessari
chemical structure of nilvapidine

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This has to be the worst time in a decade to found a company.

Nobody told Michael Mullan and Fiona Crawford.

They’ve announced Wednesday that they have founded and incorporated Archer Pharmaceuticals to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Apparently, Archer has several compounds that are ready to enter clinical development, including ARC029 and ARC031. Both are targeted at the reduction of soluble amyloid proteins in the brain. In addition, Archer has several other agents in the preclinical stage, including Gamma Secretase Inhibitors and BACE Inhibitors.

These approaches are designed to attack the Alzheimer’s disease soluble amyloid in different ways, providing complementary approaches to the lead compounds. A strategy that so far, has yet to have a single success story (see Flurizan and Bapineuzumab for my opinion on this strategy in general).

A Phase I/IIA clinical trial, that is currently being conducted in Europe, was designed to evaluate the safety of Nilvadipine, the active ingredient of ARC029, in Alzheimer’s sufferers. The study has shown that the drug was well tolerated in Alzheimer’s patients.

While neither ARC029 nor ARC031 is currently available in the United States (U.S.), Archer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is expecting to proceed with U.S. clinical studies within the next few months.

Archer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. intends to fast track ARC029 and ARC031, while continuing to work on other therapeutic approaches.

It’s a dicey time to start a company in general, let a lone a company with compounds having mechanisms of action with such a dismal record of success. Maybe they’re different. I say good luck to you.