Only 3 Sectors Squeak Out a Gain Last Week

by: The Correct Call

Indexes of industries showed one sector after another falling off of a cliff. It was no surprise to us, as you will see on the table below, because only 3 sectors managed to squeak out a gain last week and 25 suffered double digit losses.

Our technical analysis did manage to uncover a few developing positive trends pointing to possible outperformance during the next 30-90 days. The handful of sectors that look like they are taking on money include: (click on the links to see the best and worst performing stocks in the industries)

We didn’t have the same problem finding industries charts with neon flashing signs saying go away. Stocks in these sectors we would avoid:

As far as performance goes, as we mentioned above, only 3 industries were able to get into the green. Take a look at the list of the best and worst performers for the week.

Here is a list of the top five performers:

Here are the week’s poorest performing industries: