Touch Sensors: The Next Generation Update

| About: Atmel Corporation (ATML)
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Since I wrote "Touch Sensors: The Next Generation," there have been some exciting developments.

UniPixel (NASDAQ:UNXL) has announced that it has entered a multi-million dollar contract with a PC manufacturer to introduce products based on its metal mesh touch sensor. UniPixel's share price jumped 18% on the news.

Meanwhile in the U.K., Atmel's (NASDAQ:ATML) partner, Carclo PLC (OTCPK:CCEGF) has announced that a major OEM has selected Atmel's metal mesh touch sensor Xsense for new tablet and that its current production capacity is sold out.

Since I wrote "Touch Sensors: The Next Generation," UniPixel's stock value is up 45% and Atmel's stock value is up 22%. Both UniPixel and Atmel have announced major production ramp-up for their respective touch sensors starting 2013.

The Market

Currently, there is a shortage for bigger screen size touch sensors. In fact touch-enabled Windows 8 PCs are selling above expectations. PC manufacturers have reported that they can't get enough touch screens to keep up with the demand and that they can't keep some touch-enabled Windows 8 PCs models on the shelf.

I believe that the current decline in the PC industry is driven mostly because of the shortage of touch-enabled PCs. PC manufacturers are just selling the same old machines with no touch and consumers just don't want that. To enjoy the full Windows 8 experience you need to be able to touch.

To invigorate PC sales, the PC industry needs a new breed of touch-enabled PCs at an economical price. Touch should be a standard feature in every PC, not a luxury. This is where metal mesh touch sensors jump in. Metal mesh touch sensors are expected to be far more economical and have higher performance than traditional ITO touch sensors. With metal mesh, turning every single PC into a touch-enabled PC becomes a reality.


Metal mesh touch sensors are no longer speculation; Atmel's and UniPixel's recent design wins prove that. The PC industry is in desperate need for a high performance and economical touch sensor to shift the entire PC industry into touch and Atmel and UniPixel are ready to deliver.

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