Jim Cramer's Radio Show Stock Picks 5/12


Recap of Jim Cramer’s Radio show, Friday, May 12. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

General comment: The rise of the mineral and metals markets

Cramer believes that despite the fact that minerals have fallen in price, they are about to jump up again due to demand in developing countries. Gold is also expected to bounce back, given the political insecurity in countries such as Iran, Iraq and Nigeria, causing people to hold on to their gold when faced with unstable currencies. In the case of copper, hedge funds have taken the inventory down, zinc mining has stopped, and China has a very high demand for aluminum.

Bullish calls:

* Organic Foods: Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is beginning to stock more organic products to meet the demand of those who want to avoid eating genetically engineered products. Although Kellogg's (NYSE:K) and Kraft, owned by Altria (NYSE:MO), are introducing organic foods, Cramer would bypass these companies for now in favor of Hain Celestial (NASDAQ:HAIN) which has pulled back 7% from a high and Whole Foods (WFMI), which is now recovering from a difficult quarter.

* Car Companies: Toyota (NYSE:TM) is down, but is worth buying, since, according to Cramer, it "will be the largest automaker in the world." Kubota (KUB), a Japanese Tractor company, is also low and is currently a recommended buy.

* CSX (NYSE:CSX): Cramer touts this company as "one of the best rails". He also recommends Union Pacific (NYSE:UNP) and Norfolk (NYSE:NSC).

*Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD): This company has displaced the technology giant, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), and may sell chips to Dell in the future.

*Nabors (NYSE:NBR):After a great quarter, this stock is being sold aggressively, and is bottoming.

Neutral/Bearish calls:

* AquaAmerica (NYSE:WTR): Cramer suggested staying away from this stock, since the company missed its numbers

*Ciena (NASDAQ:CIEN): This stock is falling, but the company has platforms that can enable the customer to produce video on demand, which will give it potential pricing power. Cramer suggests holding on to this stock, but not buying it right now.