5 Stocks With Short Squeeze Potential Hitting New 52-Week Highs

by: Heisenberg Principle

Ever since my first Celsion (NASDAQ:CLSN) article entitled 5 Reasons To Be Bullish On Celsion Now, CLSN has ran to new 1 year, 2 year, and all the way up to 8 year new highs, outperforming most other stocks across the market. One of the reasons cited in my CLSN articles to be bullish was the possibility of a short squeeze which CLSN likely is experiencing now. It therefore begs the question: what other stocks are hitting new 52 week highs that could possibly experience a short squeeze? These types of long trades, as CLSN has proven, can be very profitable.

I did a screen for stocks that hit new 52 week highs on Wednesday. I then further refined the list to stocks that have large short positions. 5 stocks from the result of my search are below, sorted by short ratio from lowest to highest. Use this list only as a mere first step for possible ideas warranting further research:

(1) MIPS Technologies (NASDAQ:MIPS) provides industry-standard processor architectures and cores for home entertainment, networking, mobile, and embedded applications. The company licenses embedded processor intellectual property in the form of architectures, and implementations and patents. It hit a new 52-week high on Wednesday of $7.85 due to a bidding war to acquire the company. It has a short ratio of 1.3 and a short interest of 2 million shares.

(2) Tenet Healthcare Corporation (NYSE:THC) owns and operates acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers, and related healthcare facilities in the United States. The company’'s general hospitals offer acute care services, operating and recovery rooms, radiology services, respiratory therapy services, clinical laboratories, and pharmacies. It hit a new 52-week high on Wednesday of $30.72 following a conference call on Monday. It has a short ratio of 3.8 and short interest of 8.3 million shares.

(3) TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ:TIVO) provides software, technology, in-home, and outside-of-the-home cloud-based video solutions, which are included in DVRs, non-DVR set-top boxes, and other consumer electronic applications and devices. It hit a new 52-week high on Wednesday of $12.65 following an interview with its CEO last week giving a very bullish outlook on 2013 with new products, growth, and Tim Tebow as its new spokesman. It has a short ratio of 4.6 and a short interest of 15.4 million.

(4) salesforce.com, inc. (NYSE:CRM) provides cloud computing and social enterprise solutions to various businesses and industries worldwide. The company delivers customer relationship management applications through Internet or cloud. Its cloud computing services enable customers to connect, engage, sell, service, and collaborate with customers. It hit a new 52-week high of $168.11 on Wednesday following an analyst upgrade and bullish outlook from Derrick Wood at Susquehanna. It has a short ratio of 6.2 and a short interest of 15.9 million.

(5) Nutraceutical International Corporation (NASDAQ:NUTR) manufactures, markets, distributes, and retails branded nutritional supplements and other natural products in the United States and internationally. It hit a new 52-week high of $17.10 following the announcement of a first-ever, special dividend of $1.00 per share. It has a short ratio of 9.7 and a short interest of 194,800.

Disclosure: I am long CLSN. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.