Commodity Chart Of The Day: Silver

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Commodity Chart Of The Day

Daily Silver

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Silver happens to be one of my favorite commodities to trade, but it is not for the faint of heart. Very early in my career, a very successful commodity trader told me silver takes the escalator up and the elevator down. Translation: when silver cracks, it can be a big move in a hurry, as displayed by the last week's action. In the last six sessions, silver has been down every day, dropping roughly 11%. In dollar terms, this represents almost $19,000 per future contracts. With moves like this, fortunes can be made and lost, so make sure you know what you are doing or dealing with a professional if swimming in these waters.

My objective has been reached, as I've been saying at a trade under $30, bearish trades should be taken off and with a 61.8% Fibonacci retracement completed today, that is good enough for me and my clients. If you notice, I point out that we filled the gap from 8/22 mentioned in previous posts. My stance now is aggressive -- traders can reverse and start scaling into bullish trade. At current levels, I suggest buying one-third of the ultimate position you want to own. Lightly start scaling into futures or call options on the upside. I will be suggesting various strategies depending on clients' account size and risk tolerance. Use the Fibonacci numbers on the upside on the chart above as your target. At a minimum into early 2013, I think we can trade back near $32/ounce. The chart above is March, and for options, I suggest May or even July contracts, depending on the strategy.

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