Duke Energy CEO James Rogers' Retirement Is Addition By Subtraction

About: Duke Energy Corporation (DUK), Includes: CEG, EXC, WEC
by: Saibus Research
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Saibus Research
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We have published three reports analyzing and evaluating Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK). Our first report compared Duke Energy against Wisconsin Energy (NYSE:WEC) and we concluded that Wisconsin Energy was a better performing utility and it didn't have to offer nearly $1B in concessions to the utility regulators in order to acquire Progress Energy. Our next two reports compared Duke Energy against utility powerhouse Southern Company (NYSE:SO) and we concluded that even though Duke Energy performed better in H1 2012 than Southern, Southern had brighter investment prospects going forward because it hasn't been involved in any large-scale mergers and it didn't have any issues involving its executive management. Our thesis saw early validation in Q3 2012