The Dollar/Oil Surprise: What Does 2009 Hold?

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Think back to the beginning of 2008. If you’re like most investors, you were probably wondering just how low the dollar might fall in 2008, and how much higher oil would surge. But, Mr. Market surprised us in a big way in 2008.

Now the question seems: How much higher will the dollar go, and will oil continue to plunge lower?

Many were so surprised by awesome and swift change of fortunes in 2008. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons for the swift reversal of fortunes for these two major asset classes. There are solid fundamental reasons why the oil-dollar relationship has been so tight, and will likely continue in 2009.

The Secret to Currencies: It’s About Money Flow

I’ve had an opportunity to talk with a lot people about currencies this year. And the most asked question by far is this: How can the dollar rally when the U.S. economy is doing do poorly, to say the least? It’s a good question. Let me explain.

One of the things you must always keep in mind when dealing with currencies is this: The price of a currency is determined by the currency’s supply and the demand for that currency. It is that simple!

Though it can get complicated when we go through all types of analytical gyrations in order to figure out exactly where supply and demand sit. Now, think about the credit crunch. It was a sea change event in the global economy that completely altered the supply and demand dynamics for every single asset class — stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies.

Let’s look at how these key asset classes acted together during the last market cycle, i.e. before the credit crunch changed everything. If you examine the chart below I think you will see that one key

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