Chart: Flash Memory Manufacturers - Week Over Week Price & Volume Breakouts

by: SA Editors

Last week’s price movement in the Consumer Electronics Storage sector ranged from +5.2% (LEXR) to -7.4% (FLSH). LEXR led week over week volume increases at 125.9%.

A new 52 week high was made by SPSN ($18.59).

Key developments that drove individual stocks:

● Carl Icahn raised his stake in Lexar (LEXR) from 5.97% (4.94mm shares) to 7.47% (6.18mm shares) and reiterated his opposition to Micron's proposed acquisition.

● Spansion (SPSN) announced that "has filed a copyright infringement claim against Macronix International and Macronix America" claiming that "Macronix has taken copyrighted Spansion MirrorBit® marketing materials, copied sections of them verbatim and then used them to falsely market Macronix products as compatible with Spansion MirrorBit® Flash memory solutions."

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Data in table version -- click on a ticker for opinion and analysis of the company:
Price Volume
Ticker Company Change Change
FLSH M Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. -7.4%
LEXR Lexar Media Inc. 5.2%
SFUN Saifun Semiconductors Ltd. -4.1%
SNDK SanDisk Corp. -4.6%
SPSN Spansion Inc. 4.6%
SSTI Silicon Storage Technology Inc. -3.4%

Data: Capital IQ


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