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Guess which part of Jupitermedia's trade show business is growing the fastest? Surprise, surprise: "Search Engine Strategies". Here's what JUPM CEO Alan Meckler said about the Internet trade show business on his Q4 conference call:

As we turn into '05 to discuss it, as I mentioned, we will do 15 shows versus approximately 23 and 24 in '04. Obviously the main component of the show division now is the Search Engine Strategies shows which are growing very rapidly as is the search industry. The show, for example, starting February 28th in New York City has nearly doubled in exhibit space from the New York show that was run last year in the first quarter, and paid attendees are on pace to perhaps be even 40 percent and perhaps even 50 or 60 percent greater than last year's show. This is a show that two years ago in '03 had approximately 800,000 of revenue and is assured of doing well over $2 million of revenue… in the next coming weeks.

We do have nine SES shows in '05 out of our 15, three of which are in the United States. But the New York show is really a bellweather to this division. So I think we can expect some really extraordinary gross margin and operating margin numbers here, operating income numbers based on what is happening with the New York.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)