Barron's Roundtable Picks for 2009

by: Donald Johnson

Two professional stockpickers on the Barron's roundtable picked 10 stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) for 2009. Some of these picks were questioned by other members of the 10-person panel who will disclose their picks in the next two issues of Barron's.

Since most of the panelists are very bearish on the market for the next five to six years or more, all of these picks probably will face strong resistance to significant rallies. Since these picks all are depressed, if they do rally, they will face selling by current owners who will be trying to cut their losses on the upticks, which, again will make a good rally difficult. Often, stocks picked in the Barron's roundtable go up on the Monday after they're announced and then settle down for awhile. It will be interesting to see what they do today.

Picks by Meryl Witmer, general partner, Eagle Capital Partners, New York:

Picks by Fred Hickey, editor, The High-Tech Strategist, Nashua, N.H.:

Daily charts for 10 of the picks are here. Click on a chart to see a gallery of charts. It is important to look at weekly and point and figure charts as well as the daily charts. As last week's market action showed, bullish charts don't always mean stocks will keeping up. Seeking Alpha provides another summary of the Barron's roundtable here.

Disclosure: I don’t own any of these picks.