Intermix Network - MIX - on user-generated content and viral marketing (quotes from the 4Q04 conf call)

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Intermix (ticker: MIX) CEO Richard Rosenblatt discusses the growth of MySpace and (both owned and operated by Intermix) on his Q4 earnings conference call. Here's how the Intermix keeps content generation and marketing costs low:

Intermix Network… creates content very cost effectively… one of our popular games… cost us less than $2,000 to create and has been played over 80 million times… a large part of our network content, and growing every single day, is created free by our users... that will allow us long-term to keep our content production costs very low.

… since our users create the content, and therefore have a vested interest in it, they invite their friends to see it, and those friends produce more content… And, as is demonstrated through the high-profile advertisers who have recently advertised on our network of sites, major brands want to be where the users are, where the users are creating their own content.

We see this as a new media model, using specialized tools and technologies to create an environment where users are incentivized to create their own content and then make it viral… MySpace, our… social entertainment portal… attracted over 5.8 million visitors in December… up from only 1.1 million in June..., our network's flagship social casual gaming property… was launched just a few months ago in October, and by last December, it reached over 1.1 million unique visitors…

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)