Aptimus (APTM) on cost-per-lead based ads (quotes from 4Q04 conf call)

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Aptimus (ticker: APTM) CEO Tim Choate discussed "cost-per-lead" based advertising on his company's Q4 earnings conference call (Feb 17th). Aptimus runs a pay-per-action advertising network. Key quotes:

Now that we have proven the power and value in our approach, and with the success of our Company in general, we are targeting even the largest publishers to join the Aptimus network.

While those publishers will take longer to develop, we have already determined that their transactional volumes are greater than we imagined and can have a major impact on our growth. We also plan to expand marketing efforts in 2005 for our EasyJoin program, which is designed to enable smaller publishers to join our network in a self-service type of approach that meets our scalability goals. We've seen over 100 publishers sign up for EasyJoin. Our goal for 2005 is to move that number into the thousands. In addition to expanding our publisher network during 2005, we plan to participate in driving what we believe is a natural trend from CPC, or cost per click based pricing models or CPL, or cost per lead based prices. Cost per lead based pricing provides results-based advertisers with actual consumer request data and a more accountable model than cost per click.

(Quotes are from the CCBN StreetEvents transcript.)