Plug-In Natural Gas Hybrid Vehicles: A Game Changer

by: Michael Fitzsimmons

There are many reasons an author might pen Seeking Alpha articles. One reason motivating the Fitzman is reader feedback via the comments section. Many times the comments section is better than the article itself - at least this is true for a few of my submissions. Recently I wrote an article, "Obama 'Shines' Natural Gas," wherein I criticized President Obama's first major energy policy speech for its serious omission of natural gas transportation initiatives. I maintained in that article that no energy policy can be serious about significantly reducing foreign oil imports, and oil demand itself, without taking advantage of US produced natural gas in the transportation sector.

Typically I get a lot of great feedback in the comments section of my articles and this piece was no exception. Of particular note was some feedback received from SA contributor "isaac the terrible" who said:

"Fitz- keep up the pressure, but add "plugin hybrid natural gas vehicle" to your mix. That would be an awesome game changer."

For this comment "issac the terrible" got four thumbs up, and one thumb was mine. A hybrid car or light truck powered by a combination of plug-in electricity and natural gas would indeed be a game changer! Both energy sources could be replenished in the home garage. Both sources of energy are cleaner burning than gasoline and would immediately reduce foreign oil imports. The car is both economically and technically feasible today. If producing such a vehicle were a condition under which US automakers would receive tax-payer money it would be a win-win for the automakers, labor, the environment, and the tax-payer. If combined with a Sematech like initiative for battery research and manufacturing, the US automakers would instantly become automotive technology leaders once again.

Great idea Isaac! I have added it to my energy policy.

A plug-in natural gas hybrid vehicle is the first major change to my energy policy in some time. Is anyone in the Obama administration or in Congress listening?

From an investment standpoint, such a vehicle would be reason enough to invest in CHK, BP, and COP from a natural gas perspective. On the electricity side, consider AEP, FPL-OLD, SO, EXC, and ETR.

Disclosure: The author owns COP and BP.