James Grant: Gold Will Resume its Bull Market When the Dollar Resumes its Bear One (GLD, IAU)

Includes: GLD, IAU
by: John Bethel

James Grant is a value investor when it comes to stocks. And a bull on gold. He explains the difference in his latest Forbes column:

Value investors buy stocks or bonds by the numbers. They compare price with value and buy if the discount is suitably deep. They turn a deaf ear to macroeconomic theorizing. Whether the gross domestic product is rising briskly or not at all is immaterial if a particular company is priced at less than its readily ascertainable net asset value.

Gold is something different. You buy it solely for macroeconomic considerations. I buy gold as a hedge against the stewards of paper money. I buy Krugerrands, the metal itself, suitable for burying in the turnip patch. I expect the price of the South African gold coins to keep going up, but I don't know how high.

Unlike Grant, I don't own any Krugerrands. Or any gold coins. But like him, I do own some Japanese stocks.

Which reminds me. With the recent (mostly) sinking action of stocks in The Land of the Rising Sun, how do you say "Ouch!" in Japanese? ;-)