Chronically Criminal: Shielding The Public From Medical Marijuana

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Note: This article has been updated at the author's request.

Infitialis is a research collective that exposes fraud and folly in an effort to identify bubbles before they implode and our track record of success speaks for itself. In this report, we will be exposing fraud heaped on top of folly.

Infitialis Track Record of Exposing Fraud and Folly is Unmatched


Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTCPK:MJNA) ("Medical Marijuana" or the "Company") is a penny stock company run by criminals and alleged fraudsters. While medical marijuana may be a growing business opportunity in selected states, there is no place for blatant stock fraud in the United States capital markets, and we strongly believe the intrinsic value of MJNA is $0.00/share due to the significant malfeasance discussed below.

In this report, we will discuss how MJNA listed on the OTC Markets (formerly known as the pink sheets) under a weird, but quasi-legal, exemption known as "Unsolicited Quotation" whereby shares only trade by appointment of retail order flow. In other words, there is no active market for the issuer's securities and on a whim all bids/offers can instantaneously vanish, leading to choppy trading and large valuation swings. Despite our extensive market experience, this is the first time we have ever run into this type of security with a >$100mm market valuation, let alone a $355mm market valuation. Moreover, based on our discussions with securities counsel, the SEC has all but done away with these types of companies save for a select few like Medical Marijuana that have somehow so far escaped the eyes of the regulators.

Adding insult to injury, because MJNA is a non-SEC reporting issuer, it has almost no real obligations to its shareholders. Here are a few examples of what MJNA can get away with that 99.9% of public companies cannot:

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