Weekend Madoffs

by: Greg Newton
The mostly complete Markopolos

It’s long – 375 pages, including his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee this week — and occasionally repetitive, but the documentation of would-be Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos’s near decade-long attempt to have somebody, anybody, pay attention is well worth a browse.

Especially if you enjoy survivor-free train wrecks.

House Committee on Financial Services
Feb. 4 2009

Hours of harmless fun

A searchable index of the 10,000 individuals and accounts identified in court documents as victims of the $50 Billion Hedge Fund swindle perpetrated by Bernie Madoff. The database consists of names and addresses which are linked here to satellite images of the identified property locations.

This one is far superior. Hat tip to commenter below.

And the list (pdf file).