Hybrid Hard Drives to Become Vista Premium Requirement (MSFT)

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Yesterday's TG Daily reported:

At a discussion of flash memory technologies to be included in Windows Vista and “Longhorn” here at TechEd 2006 this morning, Microsoft’s program manager for Windows Client Performance Matt Ayres confirmed to TG Daily that inclusion of hybrid hard drives will be a requirement for mobile systems that carry the Vista Premium logo, beginning in June 2007.

These hybrid drives, in conjunction with Vista, will allow some frequently accessed processes to be stored on flash rather than the spinning hard drive disk. This will result in a faster boot, quieter operation and less power usage.

It is because of this type of hardware/software combination that the Vista upgrade will flow through to the hardware sector as well. Now if they would just hammer out a solid release date (with a solid product, of course).

MSFT 1-yr chart:

MSFT 1-yr