Don't Kick Yourself Later for Not Buying Gold and Silver Now

Includes: GLD, IAU
by: Peter Cooper

Gold is powering up towards $1,000 an ounce, and while the odd hesitation along the way is possible it will shortly cross this boundary, hit a new all-time high and then head upwards again.

A trend is your friend, especially if you take advantage of it. For gold the question is how best to leverage the up trend.

Gold and silver stocks are the answer. Conveniently precious metal stocks got really thrashed last autumn - along with gold and silver and every other asset class except bonds. So they are dirt cheap.

Rising prices

But will gold and silver equities not fall again if global stock markets tank, as they surely must with profit forecasts for the non-financials still ludicrously optimistic (face facts, for many major companies there will be losses and not profits in 2009)?

No they will not if precious metal prices are rising - and not falling as they did last autumn. And why will gold and silver prices keep on rising this time?

Well, investors are now very worried about bonds and currency rates, and that leaves gold and silver as the last safe haven in the investment universe. If there is only one investment class left to buy that ought to simplify things for investors.

Rising profits

Gold and silver producers are also big beneficiaries of falling energy prices this year, as up to a quarter of production costs go on energy. In addition, most mines are in non-dollar economies, so manufacturers have costs in depreciated currencies and income in the strong dollar.

That means that even if precious metal prices stagnate - and that looks highly unlikely - gold and silver producers are among the only commodity producers that will see profits jump in 2009.

My blog contains many articles on gold and silver which can point you towards some of the better, and riskier equity investments in this sector, and taking a risk in a rising market usually pays off handsomely.

The people who will be kicking themselves later in the year will be those who do not buy gold and silver stocks now.

This reminds me of my warning to those who did not buy Dubai property when they first had the chance, and even after a 50 per cent fall in house prices they are still 300 per cent up on their original investment!