Google Takes on Yahoo! Finance

Includes: AABA, GOOG
by: David Jackson

Google (ticker: GOOG) quietly announced that it now offers financial data in response to a search for a stock ticker. A Google search for "AMTD", for example, now returns a real-time and delayed stock quote, a chart, market cap, price high/low, and trading volume and average volume. Market data are also available from Google SMS, by sending a text message to 46645 ('GOOGL') with the ticker. This is further evidence of two critical investing trends in the search and content markets:

  1. Search engines are becoming answer engines.
  2. Search engines are colliding with portals.

While Google doesn't provide as much stock information as Yahoo! Finance (in fact, Google continues to link to it), Google now offers a faster and more convenient way to get stock quotes, particularly if you have Google search built into your browser. (Users of Firefox and Safari do.)

Stock implications? Heavier spending by the search engines to acquire proprietary data, and more competition in Yahoo's (ticker: YHOO) core businesses.