Job Opp. at SA: Market News and Homepage Editor

by: SA Editors

We're hiring!

Seeking Alpha is looking for an energetic and ambitious Market News and Homepage Editor.

The ideal candidate will be a stock-market addict, avid reader of the financial blogs and online financial news, and will write with clarity and zest.

The position requires a sharp mind, nimble reflexes and the ability to remain focused while flying solo for long time stretches.

We're looking for someone who is tech-savvy, detail-oriented, has experience with HTML and web publishing, and can filter substance from fluff. We pride ourselves on nimbleness in tweaking our editorial mix, so the candidate will need to be flexible and able to adapt to change quickly.

Salary: A competitive salary package will be commensurate with skill level and experience.

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m ET. This is a work-from-home position - and will at times require extra hours, schedule flexibility, and some weekend time. It is a demanding job, but also unbelievably fun, and an opportunity to join one of the smartest and fastest-growing players in online finance.

Tasks involved:

  • Monitor a daunting collection of real-time news and commentary sources
  • Select topics on the go and write concise, factually-accurate summaries and market updates (Market Currents), linking to the best sources on a topic while developing a nuanced personal voice
  • Create home-page content units that aggregate multiple viewpoints around key stories
  • Copy-edit own work and that of others on the fly


  • 3+ years experience in following and writing about U.S. stock markets
  • Intimate understanding of the stock market's various sectors and sub-sectors, and their key players
  • Intense familiarity with online financial media and the financial/econo-blogosphere
  • Ability to quickly research and grasp unfamiliar topics
  • Experience with RSS, Twitter, HTML and web publishing

To Apply:

Copy the following questions into the body of an email and give short answers:

  1. What about this job most appeals to you?
  2. Who are your favorite financial bloggers/blogs? Why?
  3. What are your favorite sources of real-time market news? Why?
  4. Using Market Currents as a model, write at least two Market Currents. Feel free to be creative.
  5. If you could make one change to our home page, what would it be?

Attach your resume to the email and send it to

Please note that we will only respond to relevant applicants.