FindProfit picks "4 must-own" search stocks

by: David Jackson (subscription required) published a report on the Internet search space that names "4 must-own stocks for riding the online search boom". Here's an extract from the report naming them:

FindProfit's 4 Must-Own Stocks for Riding The Online Search Boom:

1) InfoSpace (NYSE:INSP): A volatile but high quality name that has been reborn under new management, the company now stands on its firmest footing in its corporate history. Also a play on wireless content and services, this company is poised to continue growing and rewarding its shareholders.

2) (FWHT): This stock has been hammered hard despite a history of profitability and topline growth. While the company could continue to struggle after disappointing Wall Street last year, we believe its recent problems are fixable and that the stock is simply too cheap given its position in a consolidating search landscape.

3) Fast Search & Transfer (FASRF): The little engine that may, literally, drive search into the next frontier. This under-the-radar Norwegian firm has piled up an impressive roster of enterprise and portal customers, powering search solutions for some of the world's best-known brands and working with some of the major names in the online search sector. While not inexpensive from a valuation perspective, with limited competition and strong execution, it may be the most enticing remaining pure search play out there.

Note that FAST is primarily traded in Norway and doesn't have a full U.S. listing. A full service broker can help you purchase the stock. FAST can also be bought in the U.S. via the Pink Sheets, although daily trading in the stock is fairly illiquid. Thus, please be sure to use patience and limit orders at all times.

4) (MAMA): Trading at a dirt-cheap valuation after daytraders latched onto the name and the SEC launched an investigation, the company's problems may not be behind it, but we think the management is clean. With a healthy and growing business, this company may be too cheap to pass up.