Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities with Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha provides a great platform to deliver your high-quality message to some of the smartest and most interested investors on Wall Street and off. We currently offer three advertising programs:

1. Transcript Sponsorships for Large and Small Companies. Seeking Alpha is the only source of free conference call transcripts on the Internet. They're widely read by investors, VCs, investment bankers, senior managers, partners, customers and competitors. Our sponsorship program is ideal for the following types of advertisers: (1) Company sponsors its own earnings call transcript, (2) Company sponsors competitor's transcript, (3) Issuer-sponsored research firm sponsors client's transcript, (4) Investment newsletter sponsors transcripts of successful stock picks, (5) IR firm sponsors transcript of micro-cap company, and (6) Consulting company sponsors company's transcript in sector of interest. Learn more about sponsoring transcripts on Seeking Alpha, or email us at

2. Direct Advertising for Large and Small Advertisers. We work with large and small advertisers to target readers of specific stocks, sectors or themes with high-impact ads. Our exchange-traded funds coverage, for example, is highly sought after as an advertising venue. If you're interested in advertising on Seeking Alpha and would like to learn more, email us at or call us on (515) 204-9588.

3. Google AdWords for Small Advertisers. Seeking Alpha offers Google ads as a way for small advertisers to reach our audience. You can target our site directly with your AdWords. Learn more.