Short Activity Review on Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank

Includes: CRZBY, DB
by: Data Explorers

Commerzbank (OTCPK:CRZBY), up 3% on Wednesday afternoon trading, has seen a recent decrease in the amount of available supply that has been lent out to short sellers, from 64% of the available supply to 56% between Friday of last and Monday of this week. This is in line with a price rise, from 2.89EUR ($3.92) to 2.96EUR ($4.01) during the same time frame.

Here is the chart that documents how much of the supply is out on loan (red line) vs the share price (green) over the last week. You can see the large drop in the available supply means there is now more available to borrow.

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On March 16th the amount of CBK's entire Market Cap that was out on loan rose from 9.72% to 9.83% on March 18. This figure has now dropped down from 9.83% of the company to 9.75%, again, as the market anticipates that the price will rebound.

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It is the opposite story for Deutsche Boerse (NYSE:DB), the most borrowed stock on the DAX. This chart, which shows the amount of DPW's shares on loan over the past three months, indicates a clear sentiment that the market believes this stock has further to fall, despite the recent rebound in price from 30EUR ($40) to 40EUR ($54). Since December, the short position has increased by 400% - from 5% to 20%. The percentage of the available supply is at 50%, a relatively low figure compared to the amount of the entire shares that are on loan at 20%.

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