Book Review: A Stock Market Thriller Called "Paradigm"

by: Yaser Anwar

Robert Taylor's Paradigm is a tale of intrigue and adventure mixed with the empirical evidence for a theory that stock market fluctuations are correlated to gravitational forces. The book is a toxic mixture of fiction and an investment strategy for those who are bold enough to try it.

Paradigm is the story of a family invited to a country estate where they discover an ancient Egyptian box that unlocks stock market fortunes. As the plots unravel, a series of events from murder to conspiracy spiral out of control. It's a blend of conspiracy theory, suspense and romance that mixes a stock market theory with a fictional thriller. Paradigm should appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Paradigm's strengths are its fast moving and exciting plot -- there's an element of surprise lurking behind almost every chapter -- and the fascinating stock market theory it espouses. According to this theory, "The Taylor Effect", financial markets are susceptible to fluctuations of gravity -- transmitted through the impact of gravity on investors' moods and sentiment -- and are thus predictable.

However, the characters are one-dimensional and the book is excessively long, at over 600 pages.

But at the end of the day, this nail-biting thriller keeps you on edge and wondering if the stock market theory -- that market movements are correlated with gravitational forces -- is indeed valid. Cloaked in fiction, the book itself makes no claims about this. Mr. Taylor himself, however, claims he has made over a million dollars in stock market profits since 2000...

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