Energy Secretary Steven Chu Should Be Fired for NatGas Views

| About: Honda Motor (HMC)
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Any U.S. Energy Secretary that says he's "agnostic" about natural gas transportation should be fired. Period. Secretary Chu, Nobel Prize or not, is turning out to be just another incompetent policy wonk. Here's the story as reported by Platt's.

Also, Platt's reports in Wednesday's "Gas Daily" that Honda (NYSE:HMC) has pulled the plug on the Canadian manufacturer of the "Phill" - Fuelmaker. This is the home garage refueling appliance that I have written so much about. This is terrible news for the NGV market and for the US middle class who so desparately need to be building an infrastructure alternative to foreign oil. This would be a great opportunity for an American company to swoop in and buy the IP for the "Phill". It's amazing to me that a company with the resources of Honda:

1) didn't leverage the advantage of the "Phill" and package it with purchases of the Honda Civic GX

2) don't realize the strategic advantage they had over every other automobile manufacturer with their Civic GX and Phill products.

The war on the middle class continues unabated... these twin headlines are very disturbing.