First Publicly Traded Marijuana Company

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Your Board of Directors

You knew it was just a matter of time.

The first ever publicly-traded medical marijuana company is here, and it's called… Medical Marijuana Inc.

Right now, the ticker is CVIV.PK on the pink sheets, but that's just a shell that will shed its other businesses and change the name and ticker. They will be exclusively in the marijuana business, the grass game, the pot trot, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

I am making the following suggestions for the new ticker symbol (assuming NASDAQ listing will be sought, I'm going with 4 letters):

  1. WEED
  2. BONG
  3. HERB
  4. NUGS or NUGZ
  5. MRLY
  6. SMOK

Contrary to market rumors, B Real from Cypress Hill will not be the CEO, it will instead be Bruce Perlowin, a successful telecom entrepreneur who is also known as “The King of Pot“. I didn’t make that up, Google it.

And for those of you asking yourselves, “Wait, isn’t pot an illegal drug in the United States?“, my answer is, go visit Los Angeles. My brother lives in Hollywood and he says there’s a weed “clinic” every two blocks, like Starbucks. You stub your toe and you get a prescription written up. This company may be onto something.

Here’s the press release from the company: Marijuana Inc.

Full Disclosure: I am certainly not recommending purchase of this or any other pink sheet-listed stock with my commentary, nor am I condoning the use of any drug. Just passing on the insanity.

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